Dr. Raluca BejanPhD

Assistant Professor


Email: Raluca.Bejan@dal.ca
Phone: 902-494-2094
Mailing Address: 
Room 3233, Mona Campbell Building
Research Topics:
  • Comparative social policy (i.e., Canadian, British and EU)
  • community organizing and social movements
  • ideology
  • philosophy of social justice
  • labour and collective organizing
  • migration, mobilities and citizenship
  • globalization and transnationalism
  • refugees’ studies
  • critical theory
  • whiteness and critical race studies

Raluca Bejan was born in Focșani, Romania. She has a BA (Honours) in Political Sciences from Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu, Romania, a SSW Diploma from George Brown College, Toronto, Canada and a MSW and PhD degrees from the University of Toronto.

Dr. Bejan started her position as Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University in January 2020.
Between July 2018 - December 2019 she was Assistant Professor of Critical Social Policy at St. Thomas University, in Fredericton, Canada. Raluca was a former Visiting Academic at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), University of Oxford, UK, in 2016 and 2018.

Raluca regularly writes for rabble.ca (Toronto, Canada) and she previously contributed opinion pieces to TelesurTV (Caracas, Venezuela), Verfassungsblog | On Matters Constitutional (Berlin, Germany), The Conversation (Toronto, Canada), LeftEast/CriticAtac (Bucharest, Romania) and the London School of Economics Brexit Bog (London, UK).

In 2018 Raluca co-directed a documentary film on the Greek Refugees crisis, titled Trace. It was filmed on the islands of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, and in Athens, Greece.

She is currently the Book Review Editor for Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees.

Multi-Media Exhibit:

Tracing the Space of the Refugee Crisis. On display at the University of New Brunswick Art Centre and the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, between January 14 and February 7, 2020.

Selected Publications:

  • Bejan, R. (2019). Film Review: Koukaki- A neighborhood in transition. Urbanities – Journal of Urban Ethnography, 9(2), 143-144.

  • Bejan, R. (2018). Problematizing the Norms of Fairness Grounding the EU’s Relocation System of Shared Responsibility. EUI Working Paper. Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies. European University Institute. Firenze, Italy.

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