COVID‑19 and The School of Social Work



  • Social workers are frontline responders during this crisis, and that means many of you - our students and our colleagues - are working on the frontlines, frequently in roles far less visible than other professions.  Social workers are engaged with already vulnerable people in an unprecedented vulnerable time, across ages and stages, working to adjust ways of communicating, supporting, assessing, and comforting.  And social workers are doing so when perhaps we ourselves are feeling overwhelmed with uncertainty for ourselves, for others, and for the world.  Faculty and Staff at the School of Social Work believe in you, know the work you are doing, and know that now more than ever, believing in the common good and the collective  effort will see us through these challenges.

  • Returning and incoming students, please keep up to date with Dalhousie’s plans on the University’s COVID-19 website: