Faculty & Staff


Judy MacDonald
Tel: 902-494-1347
Office: Room 3245, Mona Campbell Building
Email: judy.macdonald@dal.ca
Associate Director and Accommodations Officer
Marion Brown
Associate Professor
Tel: 902-494-1192
Office: Room 3214, Mona Campbell Building
Email: marion.brown@dal.ca
Undergraduate Coordinator
Cassandra Hanrahan
Associate Professor
Tel: 902-494-1349
Office: Room 3212, Mona Campbell Building
Email: cassandra.hanrahan@dal.ca
Graduate Coordinator

Catrina Brown
Associate Professor
Tel: 902-494-7150
Office: Room 3236, Mona Campbell Building
Email: catrina.brown@dal.ca
Gail Baikie
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-2070
Office: Room 3231, Mona Campbell Building
Email: gail.baikie@dal.ca
Raluca Bejan
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-2094
Office: Room 3233, Mona Campbell Building
Email: Raluca.Bejan@dal.ca

Catherine Bryan
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-1356
Office: Room 3242, Mona Campbell Building
Email: c.bryan@dal.ca
Marjorie Johnstone
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-2117
Office: Room 3254, Mona Campbell Building
Email: marjorie.johnstone@dal.ca
Jeff Karabanow
Tel: 902-494-1193
Office: Room 3237, Mona Campbell Building
Email: jeff.karabanow@dal.ca
Terrence Lewis
Associate Professor
Tel: 902-494-6785
Office: Room 3243, Mona Campbell Building
Email: Terrence.Lewis@dal.ca
Nancy MacDonald
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-1189
Office: Room 3238, Mona Campbell Building
Email: nancy.macdonald@dal.ca
Eli Manning
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 3239, Mona Campbell Building
Email: eli.manning@dal.ca
Ifeyinwa Mbakogu
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-3400
Office: Room 3240, Mona Campbell Building
Email: ifeyinwa.mbakogu@dal.ca
Janet Pothier
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-2921
Office: Room 3252, Mona Campbell Building
Email: janet.pothier@dal.ca
Nancy Ross
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-4049
Office: Room 3204, Mona Campbell Building
Email: nancy.ross@dal.ca

Michael Ungar
Tel: 902-494-3445
Office: Room 3249, Mona Campbell Building
Email: michael.ungar@dal.ca
Websites: http://www.resilienceresearch.org and
Merlinda Weinberg
Tel: 902-494-6356
Office: Room 3232, Mona Campbell Building
Email: merlinda.weinberg@dal.ca
Website: http://ethicsinthehelpingprofessions.socialwork.dal.ca/
Haorui Wu
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-1188
Office: Room 3250, Mona Campbell Building
Email: haorui.wu@dal.ca
Joyce Rogers
Administrative Manager
Tel: 902-494-1342
Office: Room 3227, Mona Campbell Building
Email: j.rogers@dal.ca

Joelle Badman
Field Education Coordinator
Tel: 902-494-3917
Office: Room 3217, Mona Campbell Building
Email: joelle.badman@dal.ca
Liza Calda
Admissions Coordinator
Tel: 902-494-1361
Office: Room 3213, Mona Campbell Building
Email: liza.calda@dal.ca
Jane Gallinaugh
DE Instruction Design Technician
Tel: 902-494-6766
Office: Room 3220, Mona Campbell Building
Email: jgallina@dal.ca
Cyndi Hall
Field Education Coordinator
Tel: 902-494-6354
Office: Room 3215, Mona Campbell Building
Email: cyndi.hall@dal.ca
Karla Hatt
Continuing Education Coordinator/Graduate Certificate in Mental Health & Addictions
Tel: 902-494-6899
Office: Room 3218, Mona Campbell Building
Email: coned@dal.ca; mha@dal.ca
Josyl Headley
Distance Education Assistant
Tel: 902-494-2703
Office: Room 3223, Mona Campbell Building
Email: sswde@dal.ca
Sherry Laporte
Field Education Assistant
Tel: 902-494-1187
Office: Room 3205, Mona Campbell Building
Email: sswfield@dal.ca
Mark Monk
Tel: 902-494-3760
Office: Room 3201, Mona Campbell Building
Email: social.work@dal.ca
Lisa Parsons
Distance Education Assistant
Tel: 902-494-2703
Office: Room 3223, Mona Campbell Building
Email: socialwk@dal.ca
Linda Power
Administrative Assistant to the Director
Tel: 902-494-1345
Office: Room 3248, Mona Campbell Building
Email: linda.power@dal.ca
Rose Scott-Lincourt
Field Education Coordinator;
Tel: 902-494-4310
Office: Room 3216, Mona Campbell Building
Email: rose.scott-lincourt@dal.ca
Linda Smith
Student Services Coordinator
Tel: 902-494-1343
Office: Room 3224, Mona Campbell Building
Email: linda.smith@dal.ca
Karen Sullivan
Program Administrative Assistant
Tel: 902-494-4821
Office: Room 3228, Mona Campbell Building
Email: Karen.Sullivan@dal.ca
Wendy Terris Klaus
Manager, e-Learning
Tel: 902-494-1354
Office: Room 3219, Mona Campbell Building
Email: wendy.terrisklaus@dal.ca