Faculty & Staff

Dalhousie University's outstanding faculty includes many leading experts who are highly acclaimed in Canada, and the world over. Search our faculty listing.

Our departmental staff are working behind the scenes to support and enhance your learning experience. View our staff directory.

Judy MacDonald
Tel: 902-494-1347
Office: Room 3245, Mona Campbell Building
Email: judy.macdonald@dal.ca
Associate Directors
Marion Brown
Associate Professor and Accommodations
Tel: 902-494-1192
Office: Room 3214, Mona Campbell Building
Email: marion.brown@dal.ca
Jeff Karabanow
Tel: 902-494-1193
Office: Room 3237, Mona Campbell Building
Email: jeff.karabanow@dal.ca
Undergraduate Coordinator
Cassandra Hanrahan
Associate Professor
Tel: 902-494-1349
Office: Room 3212, Mona Campbell Building
Email: cassandra.hanrahan@dal.ca
Graduate Coordinator
Catrina Brown
Associate Professor
Tel: 902-494-7150
Office: Room 3236, Mona Campbell Building
Email: catrina.brown@dal.ca
Gail Baikie
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-2070
Office: Room 3231, Mona Campbell Building
Email: gail.baikie@dal.ca
Catherine Bryan
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-1188
Office: Room 3250, Mona Campbell Building
Email: c.bryan@dal.ca
Marjorie Johnstone
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-2117
Office: Room 3254, Mona Campbell Building
Email: marjorie.johnstone@dal.ca
Nancy MacDonald
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-1189
Office: Room 3238, Mona Campbell Building
Email: nancy.macdonald@dal.ca
Eli Manning
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-3917
Office: Room 3217, Mona Campbell Building
Email: eli.manning@dal.ca
Ifeyinwa Mbakogu
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-3400
Office: Room 3240, Mona Campbell Building
Email: ifeyinwa.mbakogu@dal.ca
Nancy Ross
Assistant Professor
Tel: 902-494-4049
Office: Room 3204, Mona Campbell Building
Email: nancy.ross@dal.ca

Michael Ungar
Tel: 902-494-3445
Office: Room 3239, Mona Campbell Building
Email: michael.ungar@dal.ca
Websites: http://www.resilienceresearch.org and
Merlinda Weinberg
Tel: 902-494-6356
Office: Room 3232, Mona Campbell Building
Email: merlinda.weinberg@dal.ca
Website: http://ethicsinthehelpingprofessions.socialwork.dal.ca/
Joyce Rogers
Administrative Manager
Tel: 902-494-1342
Office: Room 3227, Mona Campbell Building
Email: j.rogers@dal.ca
Liza Calda
Admissions Coordinator
Tel: 902-494-1361
Office: Room 3213, Mona Campbell Building
Email: liza.calda@dal.ca
Jane Gallinaugh
DE Instruction Design Technician
Tel: 902-494-6766
Office: Room 3220, Mona Campbell Building
Email: jgallina@dal.ca
Cyndi Hall
Field Education Coordinator
Tel: 902-494-6354
Office: Room 3215, Mona Campbell Building
Email: cyndi.hall@dal.ca
Karla Hatt
Continuing Education Coordinator/Graduate Certificate in Mental Health & Addictions
Tel: 902-494-6899
Office: Room 3218, Mona Campbell Building
Email: coned@dal.ca; mha@dal.ca
Josyl Headley
Distance Education Assistant
Tel: 902-494-2703
Office: Room 3223, Mona Campbell Building
Email: sswde@dal.ca
Sherry Laporte
Field Education Assistant
Tel: 902-494-1187
Office: Room 3216, Mona Campbell Building
Email: sswfield@dal.ca
Lisa Parsons
Tel: 902-494-3760
Office: Room 3201, Mona Campbell Building
Email: socialwk@dal.ca
Linda Power
Administrative Assistant to the Director
Tel: 902-494-1345
Office: Room 3248, Mona Campbell Building
Email: linda.power@dal.ca
Rose Scott-Lincourt
Field Placement Coordinator; Distance Education
Tel: 902-494-4310
Office: Room 3205, Mona Campbell Building
Email: rose.scott-lincourt@dal.ca
Linda Smith
Student Services Coordinator
Tel: 902-494-1343
Office: Room 3224, Mona Campbell Building
Email: linda.smith@dal.ca
Karen Sullivan
Program Administrative Assistant
Tel: 902-494-4821
Office: Room 3228, Mona Campbell Building
Email: Karen.Sullivan@dal.ca
Wendy Terris Klaus
Manager, e-Learning
Tel: 902-494-1354
Office: Room 3219, Mona Campbell Building
Email: wendy.terrisklaus@dal.ca