Our Staff


Linda Power

Administrative Assistant to the Director

Tel: 902-494-1345
Email: linda.power@dal.ca


Joyce Rogers

Administrative Manager

Tel: 902-494-1342
Email: j.rogers@dal.ca


Liza Calda

Admissions Coordinator

Tel: 902-494-1361
Email: sswadmissions@dal.ca


Karla Hatt

Continuing Education Coordinator/
Graduate Certificate in Mental Health & Addictions

Tel: 902-494-6899
Email: coned@dal.ca; mha@dal.ca


Josyl Headley

Distance Education Assistant

Tel: 902-494-1326
Email: sswde@dal.ca


Sherry Laporte

Field Education Assistant

Tel: 902-494-1187
Email: sswfield@dal.ca


Cyndi Hall

Field Education Coordinator

Tel: 902-494-6354
Email: cyndi.hall@dal.ca


Rose Scott-Lincourt

MSW Field Education Coordinator

Tel: 902-494-4310
Email: rose.scott-lincourt@dal.ca


Karen Sullivan

Program Administrative Assistant

Tel 902-494-4821
Email: karen.sullivan@dal.ca


Wendy Terris Klaus

Manager, e-Learning

Tel: 902-494-1354
Email: wendy.terrisklaus@dal.ca


Lisa Parsons


Tel: 902-494-3760
Email: socialwk@dal.ca


Linda Smith

Student Services Coordinator

Tel: 902-494-1343
Email: linda.smith@dal.ca


Jodi Butler (she/they)

BSW Field Education Coordinator

Tel: 902-880-6246
Email: jlbutler@dal.ca


Ioan Cocan

Instructional Design Specialist

Tel: 902-494-3917
Email: ioan.cocan@dal.ca