Ifeyinwa Mbakogu

Chair of the Diversity and Equity Committee, Associate Professor


Email: ifeyinwa.mbakogu@dal.ca
Phone: 902-494-3400
Fax: 902-494-6709
Mailing Address: 
School of Social Work, Dalhousie University, Suite 3240, Mona Campbell Building, 1459 LeMarchant Street PO Box 15000 Halifax, NS B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Child Labour and Human Trafficking
  • Forced Migration and Displacement
  • New Conflicts, New Wars
  • Reintegration/Resettlement
  • Women, Children, Social Policy and Development
  • Violence, Trauma, Communication and Art-Based Research
  • International Social Work
  • African Diaspora Studies
  • Race, Racism, Rage and Health in the Academy
  • Mass Media, Social Work and Development
  • Marketing Communication

Cross appointment

  • Department of International Development Studies, Dalhousie University


  • MA (Communication and Language Arts), Ibadan
  • PhD (Communication and Language Arts), Ibadan 
  • MSW, Ibadan
  • PhD (Social Work), McGill

Current Research

  • Principle Investigator - Assessment of 'Rescue' and 'Reintegration' Activities from the Perspective of Child Survivors of Trafficking from Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and Togo (SSHRC - Insight Development Grants)
  • Principle Investigator - Exploring the interaction of Youth with Refugee Experience with services that support workforce attachment in Nova Scotia (SSHRC/Child and Youth Refugee Research Coalition). Team Members: Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) and Nova Scotia Department of Labour, Skills, and Immigration (LSI)    
  • Co-Investigator - Mobilizing Partnerships: Taking Steps Together for Supported Reintegration (Public Health Agency of Canada- PHAC). Dr. Barbara Hamilton-Hinch (PI); Dr. Jacob Cookey; Dr. Ifeyinwa Mbakogu; Ms. Crystal Watson
  • Principle Investigator - Understanding the implications of Racism on Retention and Health of University Students of African Descent in Nova Scotia (Faculty of Health Dalhousie University)

Selected Publications

  • Mbakogu, I. (2022). The Curse of Familiar Faces and The Prevalence of Rural to Urban Recruitment for Human Trafficking.Urban Crime. An international Journal, 3(1), 33-64.
  • Mbakogu, I., Duhaney, P., Ferrer, I., & Lee, E. (2021). CONFRONTING WHITENESS IN SOCIAL WORK EDUCATION THROUGH RACIALIZED STUDENT ACTIVISM.Canadian Social Work Review/Revue canadienne de service social, 38(2), 113-140.
  • Mbakogu, I. (2021). Child Fostering or Child Trafficking: Questioning Justifications for Children’s Departure from Home.Indonesian Journal of Social and Environmental Issues, 2(1), 22-30
  • Mbakogu, I & Odiyi, L. (2021). Child Sexual Abuse, Disclosure and Reintegration: Too Late or Too Soon. Journal of Social Work Education and Practice. 6(3)
  • Mbakogu, I. (2020). Child Accusation of Witchcraft–Another Road into Trafficking. Journal of Social Work Education and Practice, 5(3), 17-33
  • Mbakogu, I. (2020). The Whole or Part? Postcolonial Theory versus Clinical Approaches to Marginalized Groups' Quest for Social Services, In: Brown, C., MacDonald, J. (eds) Critical Clinical Social Work: Counterstorying for Social Justice. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press. Chapter 9, pp. 226 – 244
  • Mbakogu, I. (2020). Validating Children's Stories and Decisions after Trafficking for Prostitution. Indonesian Journal of Social and Environmental Issues, 1(2), 97-107.
  • Mbakogu I., & Hanley J. (2019) The Quest for Education as a Factor of Vulnerability to Child Trafficking: Reflections on “Child Rescue” from the Perspective of West African Children. In: Winterdyk J., Jones J. (eds) The Palgrave International Handbook of Human Trafficking. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham
  • Boahene, L. & Mbakogu, I. (2018). African traditional moonlight tales: a culturally relevant instructional tool for discussing social issues with children. In African Traditional Oral literature and Visual Cultures as Pedagogical Tools in Diverse Classroom Contexts, Information Age Publishing. Chapter 6, pp. 83-99
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  • Mbakogu, I. (2013). Who is the Parent and Who is the Kid? The changing face of parenting for African Parents in the Diaspora. In Engaging the Diaspora: Migration and African Families (The Africana Experience and Critical Leadership Studies).
  • Mbakogu, I. (2011). Child Trafficking in Africa: The Need for Child-Centred Approaches. In ISID-CIDA – Strengthening Contributions to Evidence-Based Policy Making https://www.mcgill.ca/isid/files/isid/mbakogu.pb11.pdf
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Other Contributions