This page is a resource for faculty members and academic administrators—if you're a student interested in enrolling in a minor program, see Academic Programs-Minors, or, for a definition and list of minors, see the Academic Calendar

Developing, Modifying or Suspending/Terminating a Minor
If you're developing a new minor, or modifying an existing minor, first consult your Associate Dean Academic - regulations and forms for minors are specific to each faculty. For suspension or termination of a minor, please use the Suspension Form [PDF] for degrees/majors.   

Modifications to existing minors are considered 'major' if they impact the name, rationale, learning outcomes or eligibility for the minor. Modifications falling below this threshold are considered 'minor,' and are delegated to the faculty for approval (consult your ADA to discuss the extent of proposed modifications to a minor program). 

Approval Process for Minors

Proposals for minors are recommended for approval to the Senate Academic Programs and Research Committee (SAPRC) by the Undergraduate Academic Programs Subcommittee (UAPSC) [PDF] 

for new minors/suspension/termination/major modifications
Department/school approval
Faculty approval