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Building Directory

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6420 Coburg Road
A, B, C, D Building complex & Sexton Library
Agricultural Campus Daycare
Alexandra Hall
Alumni Gardens
Applied Research Collaborations for Health (ARCH)
Atlantic Poultry Research Centre
Banting Building
Beef Barn
Bike Centre
Boulden Building
Burbidge Building
C1 Link
Canadian Centre for Fur Animal Research
Central Heating Plant
Central Services
Chapel Bay
Chapman House
Chapter House
Chase Building
Chef's Garden
Chemical Engineering (F Building)
Chute Nutrition Centre
Clinical Research Centre
Cochran Bay
Collaborative Health Education Building (CHEB)
Collins Building
Colpitt House
Community Garden (Agricultural Campus)
Community Garden (Studley Campus)
Cox Institute
Crop Development Institute
Cumming Hall
Alumni Theatre
Dairy Building
Dalhousie Analytics
Dalhousie Arts Centre
Dalhousie Faculty Association/NSGEU
Dalhousie Legal Aid
DeMille House
Dentistry Building
DeWolfe House
Dust Explosion Lab (T Building)
Environmental Health & Safety
European Studies
Extension Engineering
Forrest Building
Fraser House
G.H. Murray Building (G Building)
Gerard Hall
Glengary Apartments
Goldberg Computer Science Building
Grad House
Graduate Student Residence (O Building)
Haley Institute of Animal Science and Aquaculture
Hancock Building
Harlow Institute
Hart House (K Building)
Henry Hicks Building
Herb Garden
Howe Hall
dalcard, dal card
Humanities House
Industrial Engineering (I Building)
International Ocean institute
ITS House
Jenkins Hall
Barn Pub
Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building
Killam Library
King's Arts and Administration
King's Gymnasium
King's Library
King's New Academic Building
Langille Athletic Centre
LeMarchant Place
International Centre
Life Sciences Centre
science atlantic
Life Sciences Research Insitute
Lyall House
Macdonald Building
Machinery Shed
MacRae Library
Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences
Mark A Hill Accessibility Centre
Metallurgy Research Lab (U Building)
Middle Bay
Mona Campbell Building
Morris 5247
Multifaith Centre/ Black Student Advising
North Pole Bay
O'Brien Hall (M Building)
Physical Plant Shops
Physical Plant Storage
President's Lodge
President's Residence
Prince Hall
R2 Building
Radical Bay
Ralph M. Medjuck Building (H Building)
Residence Houses (Henry Street)
Residence Houses (Seymour Street)
Risley Hall
Rock Garden
Roulston House
Ruminant Animal Centre
Rural Research Centre
Sexton House (E Building)
Sheep Barn
Shirreff Hall
Sir James Dunn Building
South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre
Stairs House
Steele Ocean Sciences Building
Storage Facility
Student Union Building (SUB)
Bookstore, Health Science Bookstore
Studley Gym
Studley House
Tennis Courts
The Link
Transition Year Program
Trueman House
Tupper Building & Kellogg Library
Turf Research Building
University Children's Centre
University Club
Wallace McCain Learning Commons
Weldon Law Building & Law Library
Wickwire Field
Women's Institute of Nova Scotia