Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences

6135 University Avenue

The Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building, also known as the "FASS Building" (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences), opened in 2001. The building boasts large auditoriums, language labs, classrooms and offices of the Dean and Arts and Social Sciences departments.


Wireless Yes
Study Space Yes
Lounge Area Atrium/Lobby Area (1st floor) Fireplace Lounge, Room 1151 (1st floor) Outdoor Courtyard (restricted access. This space must be booked through Campus Bookings; Security due to fire restriction): chairs, picnic tables, grass, etc. Room 2151(2nd floor) Outdoor Terrace
Computer Access Rooms 2018, 2019, 2022 & 2104 (2nd floor)
Food Services
Accessibility entrance, full access, washroom