Cox Institute

21 Cox Road

The Cox Institute of Agricultural Technology was officially opened in 1968 and is where you’ll find many of our faculties and service divisions. It’s home to the Registrar’s Office, Enrollment Management and Recruitment, the Dal Bookstore, Information Technology Services, Plant, Food, and Environmental Sciences faculty and Business and Social Sciences faculty. The attached greenhouses are a prime teaching and lab location in addition to the modern laboratories and classrooms. You can also get a snack or just hang out in our lunch/lounge facilities.

Since 1968 nearly every diploma and degree student has received at least a few lectures in Cox Institute.

The facility is named in honour of Dr. Kenneth Cox, NSAC Principal from 1946 to 1964. The A.E. Roland Herbarium and the A.D. Pickett Entomological Museum (named in honor of world renowned scientists and former professors) are housed in Cox Institute too.


Wireless Yes
Study Space No
Lounge Area Yes
Computer Access No
Food Services
Accessibility entrance with ramp, access to all floors, washroom, parking