Chute Nutrition Centre

21 Farm Lane

The Chute Animal Nutrition Centre is a state of the art feed preparation facility with capabilities for all animal species. The nutrition complex is capable of large and small batch mixing, ranging from five kilos to 200 kilos and commercial-style pelleting of feeds. For this reason, this is an important support feature for research trials requiring short runs of specialized feed.  It is equipped with increased biosecurity with one directional flow, classroom space, and exterior bins for feed delivery. The Centre is named in honour of the late Dr. Harold Chute, a Class of ’44 alumnus, who was the most energetic proponent of the need for the facility and who is the largest single benefactor for the project. Dr. Chute was awarded an Honourary Degree in 1998, the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1994 and the Honourary Associate Award in 1976.


Wireless No
Study Space No
Lounge Area No
Computer Access No
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