Why study Environmental Sciences at Dalhousie?

Do you want to become part of the solution to our world’s complex environmental issues and help improve our quality of life in the future? The Environmental Sciences program offered through Dalhousie's Faculty of Agriculture at the Agricultural Campus in Truro, N.S. can get you there.

Diverse courses, personalized attention and quality instruction are the hallmarks of the Environmental Sciences program. It merges the physical and natural sciences to give you a unique and marketable education.

You’ll identify environmental issues and discuss their biological, chemical and socio-economic aspects. Then, you’ll evaluate and interpret theoretical and real-life examples presented in class. Later, you’ll head outside for the practical aspects of field sampling and lab analysis.

In today’s world, preservation of our environment is becoming increasingly important. Our program teaches students to analyze complex environmental issues and develop practical solutions that consider the impacts on the environment, society and our economy.

You also have the option to specialize your degree in one of the following areas:

  • Environmental Biology
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Economics
  • Environmental Soil Sciences
  • Pest Management (minor) 
  • Waste Management
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BSc (Agriculture) in Environmental Sciences