Why study Aquaculture at Dalhousie?

Imagine jumping right into a leadership role in a growing industry upon earning your degree. That's the opportunity you get when you study Aquaculture—a fast-developing field that includes both food production and environmental conservation—with Dalhousie's Faculty of Agriculture at the Agricultural Campus in Truro, NS.

Here, you'll dive into a comprehensive learning experience with both your hands and your mind. Our state-of-the-art Aquaculture Centre is located right on campus and features the resources required to nurture fish, grow algae and manage water quality, among other projects.

This practical experience, as well as classroom learning in subjects like Fish Health, Aquatic Ecology and Aquacultural Engineering, is respected by professional organizations. Aquaculture is a growing sector worldwide. An Aquaculture major can help you grow along with it.

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Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) in Aquaculture