MACS Admission Interview

After you've submitted a complete application package and meet the minimum admission requirements, the next part is your online interview.

We will communicate directly with you regarding the scheduling of your interview. We expect you to indicate your availability by responding to our email ( within 2 business days. 

Interview details

  • Interviews will be scheduled in Atlantic time – Halifax, Canada (please convert to your time zone, as needed)
  • Your interview will be used to assess your skill level in: communication, problem-solving, and programming
  • Your interview will be with a Dalhousie University faculty member and will last for approximately 30 minutes. 
  • When answering questions, you may be asked to write responses using the interview tool.

Communication skills assessment
We will assess your ability to communicate an idea clearly. We are mindful that an interview can feel like an intimidating format for communication. We will be focused on how you explain your ideas clearly. 

As the working language, i.e. the language of instruction, of the MACS program is English, all interviews will be conducted in English. All writing on notes and diagrams must also be in English.

Problem-solving assessment
One of the essential aspects in computer science is problem-solving. In this assessment, we will assess how you approach solving the problem and the process used, not necessarily the solution achieved.

Programming skill assessment
Computer science requires the ability to implement solutions to problems by writing programs, and consequently, programming skills are important for students entering the MACS program. We will provide you with more details when we contact you.

For students from non-Computer Science backgrounds: we recommend that the applicant indicate to the interviewer that they are from a non-Computer Science background. We will consider this aspect when making an admission decision.