New Student FAQs

Are you a new student at Dalhousie, and are requesting accommodations for the classroom, exams, or residence for the first time? Be sure to read our FAQs below, which have answers to common questions about the accommodation process.

Although the Student Accessibility Centre is physically closed, all staff remain available to assist you remotely. We encourage you to speak with an advisor prior to the start of the fall term.

Our Administrative Coordinator will be answering calls from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. (Atlantic Standard Time), Monday through Friday. Please call 902-459-2994 during those hours to speak to our Administrative Coordinator. You can also call 902-494-2836 at any time to leave a message. Voicemail messages are checked daily.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new student to Dalhousie starting in September 2021, and I had an accommodation plan/IEP in high school. How can I get the same at Dalhousie?

You must meet with an advisor to discuss your request for accommodations.

We are meeting with students throughout the summer via phone and Microsoft Teams. To schedule an appointment with an advisor, leave a message at 902-494-2836, or email

Accommodations may be implemented and are considered on a case-by-case basis depending on the student and their barriers.

More information about these accommodations can be found on this page.

I would like to have an accommodation for residence (own room, private bathroom, emotional support animal, etc.). How do I apply for that?

All residence assignments have been made for Fall 2021.

What documentation do I need to submit?

Complete and submit a request for accommodation and include supporting documentation.

Supporting documentation can be a recent psycho-educational assessment or our disability assessment form completed by your health care provider. 

I can’t see my doctor or psychologist, so I may not have documentation. What should I do?

It is important that you do not book a medical or counselling appointment for the sole purpose of obtaining documentation. We will meet to discuss, likely approving temporary accommodations.

I can’t get a copy of my high school IEP or assessment? What should I do?

Schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss your request. Temporary accommodations can often be put into place. 

How can I schedule an appointment with an Access Advisor?

To schedule an appointment with an advisor, you must book an appointment through our online booking system, leave a message at 902-494-2836, or email

Advisors are available to meet with students via phone, and MS Teams. Starting in September, Advisors will be available to meet in-person.

I have a recommendation for some assistive technology. How can I access this?

Assistive technologies are designed to reduce or remove barriers to students’ learning. The Student Accessibility Centre is pleased to offer an assistive technology lending library. Students can try out a particular tool before making a purchase, reducing the financial burden for those who are exploring new supports. See the full list of tools in the lending library here.

Our Technology Advisor can help you decide what technology will work best for you. To schedule an appointment you must book an appointment through our online booking system, leave a message at 902- 494-2836, or email Advisors are available to meet with students via phone, and MS Teams.

I might be eligible for disability funding from the government. How do I access that?

We are here to help you apply for funding. Schedule an appointment with an Access Advisor for further information and assistance. 

Will there be an orientation for new students? Where can I find more information?

Yes, our Orientation, Able@Dal, is for incoming students from high school who have accommodations due to disability, and will take place prior to classes beginning in September. 

Check our Able@Dal page regularly for updates as well as the Orientation site for further details on all of the Orientation programming happening this summer/fall.

What will fall classes look like? Will they be online, or in person?

Dalhousie will offer most courses in-person. 

For more information about our fall term, visit the university's Forward Focused Fall 2021 information page