International Student Work Experience Program

An on campus job and so much more! 

The International Student Work Experience Program (ISWEP) is an on-campus employment program designed to provide valuable career readiness traning and paid work experience to full-time for undergraduate and graduate international students at Dalhousie.

Why this is more than just another part-time job?
• Earn money while working in a supportive environment on campus
• Develop in-demand career skills
• Learn job search strategies to help reach your career goals
• Build networking skills and explore opportunities for mentorship
• Build your Co-Curricular Record 

Through this program, 78 positions will be available for the winter 2021/2022 academic year.  Job postings for the winter term will be available for viewing on myCareer on November 8th, 2021.

Virtual Program Information
The ISWEP Recruitment Team has developed a video with more program details that can be accessed by clicking on this link to a short, 10 minute Student Information video []

What is the timeline for ISWEP this winter?
- Attend a Job Search and Resume workshop on November 5 at 2pm: register here.
- Apply for ISWEP jobs on myCareer from November 8, 2021.
- Winter term jobs will be live on from November 8 - 26, 2021.
- Deadline to apply for ISWEP jobs is November 26, 2021.
- The deadline for submitting the ISWEP eligibility form is January 7, 2022.
- Winter student hires are required to complete their 100 hours between January 2 and March 12, 2022.

All international students with a valid study permit (that allows for up to 20 hours of on campus/off campus) and a Social Insurance Number (SIN) who are registered as full-time students (generally 9 credit hours, or 3 credit hours if it's the student's final term) are eligible to participate.  Please visit the International Centre and speak with an advisor if you are unsure of whether your study permit allows you to work.

Please note while you can apply to jobs without a SIN, you need to get one before a job offer is made. It is strongly recommended that you get it even before jobs become visible on myCareer

International undergraduate and graduate students registered at the Truro, Studley, Sexton and Carleton campuses are all eligible to participate in the program.

ISWEP postions pay $14/hour, for a maximum of 100 hours per term.  Each ISWEP position lasts for one term only.  

International students interested in applying for ISWEP job postings must attend a Job Search and Resume workshop. You can also get a resume, cover letter and interview preparation appointment with a Peer Advisor. To book a Peer Advising appointment, please contact the Bissett Student Success Centre.

Successful students must attend training, complete a learning plan and submit a final reflection upon completion of the placement. Templates will be provided.

For questions or concerns, please reach out to the ISWEP program office via email at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Who interviews, recruits and makes a job offer to students?
A:  The hiring department/division/unit.

Q:  Can students with disabilities registered in less than 9 credits participate in ISWEP?
A:  This will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Career Services department in consultation with the Accessibility Centre.

Q:  Can I have more than one ISWEP position per term.
A:  No.

Q:  Who is responsible for setting me up for payroll?
A:  The hiring department/division/unit is responsible for setting up your payroll as well as signing and submitting your timesheets once you start working.

Co-Curricular Competencies [PDF-102KB]
An International Student's Guide (Courtesy of MSVU) [PDF-7MB]