Community Day

The day Dalhousie gives back!


Brought to you by Dalhousie Residence/Student Life, the Bissett Student Success Centre, the International Centre, and the Dalhousie Student Union

Every September, Dalhousie University and the Dalhousie Student Union come together to give back to the community for Community Day.

We partner with a number of local community non-profit organizations to offer exciting and valuable volunteer projects for all Dalhousie and King's students to participate in during the day. This event is FREE for all students and is a great way to meet new people, learn more about a number of non-profits across Halifax, and have a great time giving back to the community!

Stay tuned for information on the 2020 event.

2018 volunteer organizations

Shelter Nova Scotia

Shelter Nova Scotia is a non-for-profit organization that supports people in times of crisis & transition through residential, trustee and outreach programs by helping individuals maximize their inher­ent greatness.

Shelter Nova Scotia is passionate about accomplishing two things:

  • Ending homelessness one person at a time
  • Helping individuals make the change from a correctional facility to community living.

In pursuit of their goals, Shelter Nova Scotia oversees the operation of:

  • two emergency shelters that serve men and women experiencing homelessness
  • a supportive housing program for men and women moving from shelter living to community living
  • an apartment complex for men transitioning out of shelter life
  • an affordable, supportive living environment dedicated to individuals who have experienced chronic homelessness and who have a long history of  alcohol dependency,
  • a Community Trustee Program for individuals in the community
  • two Community Residential Facilities that help men and women make the change from correctional facilities to community living

For more information visit:

Dalhousie Alumni Association Womens Division

The Dalhousie Alumni Association has roots stretching back to 1871, and its sister organization was formed in 1909.

Today’s Women’s Division has grown from its origins as the Alumnae Association formed over a century ago, and continues its mission to advocate on behalf of female students of the university.
Today, a 15-person executive committee leads this 200-member group of alumnae. The Division’s priorities include:

  • supporting student scholarships and awards
  • raising funds for Shirreff Hall upgrades and improvements
  • other community-related initiatives

For more information visit:

McPhee Centre for Creative Learning

The MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning empowers youth between the ages of 12-19 by connecting passion with purpose through the arts.

Located in downtown Dartmouth, this community hub inspires creativity and confidence by offering unique programs in visual arts, music, videography, creative writing and technology in a safe and inspiring space. By bridging the learning gap in those who are disengaged from traditional education, or with barriers to accessing creative learning, the MacPhee Centre helps in the development of confidence, lifelong learning skills, an appreciation for the value in giving back to the community and increased potential for employment in our communities. The McPhee Centre for Creative Learning gives NS youth a voice through the arts.

For more information visit:

Feed Nova Scotia

Feed Nova Scotia is a registered Charitable Organization that strives to increase food security through food distribution, education and collaboration.

To achieve this, they distribute almost 2 million kilograms of donated food to our member network of 145 food banks and meal programs across the province.However, their role also extends beyond food. Feed Nova Scotia supports their members as they build capacity to serve their respective communities, and help raise awareness of the challenges hunger and poverty create each day for thousands of Nova Scotians.

For more information visit:

Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre is a non-profit, registered charitable organization that is passionate about its mission to bring STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) to life through fun, interactive learning experiences.

From its beginnings as a travelling science show to its spectacular new home on the Halifax Waterfront, the Discovery Centre has grown a lot over 30 years of operation.

But through it all, the Centre has stayed true to its vision: using its facility, people and passion to demonstrate how STEAM can empower our youth, grow Nova Scotia’s knowledge-based economy and inspire an innovative culture by showcasing our best and brightest.

For more information visit:

The Nova Scotia SPCA

The SPCA is a non-for-profit organizations that stives to:

  • Rescue animals from dangerous and deplorable conditions across the province and provide them second chances;
  • Provide a safe haven for animals with nowhere else to go before finding their forever homes: food, bed, exercise, love, affection;
  • Vet every animal that comes through the door including: spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchipping and overall health check.
  • Work one-on-one with every animal to rebuild their trust in humans and ensure they are well prepared for the next stage of their life.

For more information visit:

L'Arche Halifax

L'Arche Halifax is a non-for-profit organization that aims to provide a space where people who have intellectual disabilities and those who come to assist share life and daytime activities together in family­like settings that are integrated into local neighbourhoods.

L'Arche in Canada has nearly 200 homes and workshops or day programs. These are grouped into what L'Arche calls "communities". There are 29 communities of L'Arche located across Canada from Cape Breton to Vancouver Island.

L'Arche communities are open and welcoming of neighbours and friends and often engage in various collaborations at the local level.

For more information visit:

DSU Ambassadors

DSU Ambassadors are informed students who connect their peers to DSU activities, including: programming and events; campaigns and advocacy; DSU services, offices, and areas; and student groups and societies.

Ambassadors use their unique experiences at Dalhousie University and with the DSU to offer fellow students insight into getting involved on campus and being part of our community. Ambassadors are volunteers led by the DSU Communications Team in collaboration with the DSU executive officers, providing around 2-3 hours of their time/week to assist with:

  • Tabling
  • Promoting events and programming
  • Postering campus
  • Participating in DSU and Dalhousie events to generate social media content and expand DSU presence
  • Creating buzz around DSU activities
  • Projects run by the executive team in relation to their portfolios

Note this is a full year volunteer opportunity that extends beyond community day! The program provides students with an opportunity to gain experience in: communications, marketing, campaigns, and more!

Check out our student leadership programs for more opportunities to connect with volunteer organizations in Halifax or Truro.