On Campus Interviews

If you are hiring for full-time, part-time,
summer job or internship opportunities,
we’d be happy to offer you a free space on
campus to conduct interviews. 

To select interview applicants and request an
interview on campus please follow these steps:

Do you need to create an account on myCareer?



Step 1: Selecting student you wish to interview

1. Please visit https://mycareer.dal.ca 
2. Select “Job Postings”  from top main menu
3. Select the job posting for which you’d like to schedule interviews
4. Select “Applications” 
5. Check the box beside each student's name you wish to interview and from the selection drop down menu at the top of the list of names, indicate “Selected for Interview” or “Not Selected for Interview”

Step 2: Setting up your interview schedule 

1. After selecting your applicants, make sure you are still working under the right job posting.
2. Select the “interviews”  tab from the top menu
3. Select  “Request interview date(s)” 
4. Select the type of interview, (each interview type has descriptiona listed) and then select "Next".
5. Enter the interviewer(s) name. If you will have multiple interviews happening parallel to each other, then click "Add an Interviewer". For Tandem interviews you must enter 2 or more names.  
6. Click on "Next"
7. Select where the interview will be held
       - On Campus interview locations will be booked by our staff
       - Off Campus interview locations require you to enter additional details in the box at the bottom of          the page
8. Select a method for the interview
       - If you select a Video Conference interview or Tele Conference interview, you will need to enter              additional information in the box at the bottom of the page. 
9. Click on "Next"
10. Select the length of each interview, and any buffer time between interviews
11. Click on "Add a Day" and select the Date and Start / End times for interviews. (Please note that you must allocate enough interview slots for the number of applicants you choose to interview.) If you need more than 1 day to complete the interviews, then you can click on Add a day and enter those details.
12. Select any breaks in the schedule, and give the break a description with a start time and length
13. Click on "Next"
14. Select the room in which you’d like to conduct the interview.  For information on room availability, call 902-494-3837
15. Click on "Next"
16. Specify any final notes and instructions to the BSSC Staff who will be approving your interview request. (Example: please indicate whether you would like applicants to contact you directly to confirm their interview slots or whether they should contact the BSSC)
17. Click on "Next"

18. Review your interview request and click Finish to submit your request.

Once reviewed by the BSSC staff, you will receive an email confirming that your interview request has been approved

Step 3: Confirming your interview schedule 

1. Login into myCareer
2. Select the “interviews”  from the top menu
3. There are three statuses for interviews:
       - Pending: Interviews are still waiting for confirmation by our staff
       - Open: The schedule is open for students to make their time slot selections
       - Scheduled: You can now view the completed schedule
4. Once the interview status is listed as Scheduled, you can click on the job posting title and then click on the Interviews tab to access the interview schedule.
5. When you click on View Schedule, you will see which slots each student has selected and print the interview schedule from there.
Please email career.services@dal.ca for any assistance