Book an Information Session

Target specific students and alumni at Dal by hosting an Information Session on campus. These events not only allow you to share information about your organization and career opportunities, but also give you direct access to our pool of talent.

To maximise your success on campus, please keep the following tips in mind when booking your session.

  • Many employers schedule Information Sessions around the time of the Halifax Universities Career Fair (September) and the Dalhousie Job & Career Fair (February). Student attendance rates are very high at these times.

  • Avoid booking Information Sessions around final exams (End of November to mid December and the end of March to mid April)

  • We encourage you to work with our staff to maximize your brand exposure on campus and ensure your Information Session stands out amongst all the rest.
Employers are encouraged to book their Information Sessions through myCareer.  Simply follow the steps below.

Do you need to create an account on myCareer?



1. Please visit 
2. Select “Information Session Request" on left side menu 
3. Select "Request Information Session" 
4. Complete information Session Request form 
5. Submit Request
You will receive an email notification once your request has been approved.  Please email for any assistance