Affiliated Offices

Administrative structure

Dalhousie Student Affairs Administrative Structure [PDF - 29 KB]

Student Affairs units

Agricultural Campus Student Success Centre

Dairy Building
11 River Rd., Truro
tel: 902.893.6672
fax: 902.893.6545

Director, Student Success, Agricultural Campus

Matthew Guy
tel: 902.896.7022

Bissett Student Success Centre: Academic Advising and Career Services

Student Union Building, rm. 426
6136 University Ave.
tel: 902.494.3077
fax: 902.494.6797

Senior Advisor on Retention and Director of Student Academic Success

Heather Doyle
tel: 902.494.6456



Black Student Advising Centre

1321 Edward St., 2nd floor
tel: 902.494.6648
fax: 902.494.8013

Black student advisor

Oluronke Taiwo
tel: 902.494.2210
cell: 902.880.4602

Career Services

Student Union Building, rm. 426
6136 University Ave.
tel: 902.494.3537

Director, Career Services

Karen McCrank
tel: 902.494.4120

Acting Coordinator, Career Programming

Amy McEvoy
tel: 902.494.3843

Indigenous Student Centre

1321 Edward Street, 1st floor

Indigenous student advisor

Michele Graveline
tel: 902.494.8863
fax: 902.494.3875

International Centre

LeMarchant Place, 1st floor
1246 LeMarchant St.
tel: 902.494.1566


Cynthia Murphy
tel: 902.494.1735


Multifaith Services

Student Union Building, rm. 407
tel: 902.494.2287
fax: 902.494.2698

Registrar's Office

Henry Hicks Building, rm. 130
6299 South St.
tel: 902.494.2450
toll-free: 866-729-4400
fax: 902.494.1630

Sexton Campus, Enrolment Services Centre

1360 Barrington St., Building B

Truro Campus, Enrolment Services Centre

Cox Institute, rm. 100
21 Cox Rd.
tel: 902.893.6722
toll-free: 888.700.6722
fax: 902.895.5529

Acting registrar

Adam Robertson
tel: 902.494.4860

Acting associate registrar & director of recruitment and admissions

Alyson Murray
tel: 902.494.8350

Associate registrar and director of academic regulations and services

Beth Cann
tel: 902.494.4547

Residence Life

tel: 902.494.3366

Director, Residence and Student Life

Dean Martin
tel: 902.494.7077


Residence Life manager, Shirreff Hall & Mini Residences

Jamal Nickie
tel: 902.494.2116

Residence Life manager, Sexton Campus

Emily Dayboll
tel: 902.494.1485

Acting Residence Life manager, Risley Hall & LeMarchant Place

Dean Martin
tel: 902.494.7169

Residence Life manager, Howe Hall

Jeff Wilson
tel: 902.494.1055

Student Accessibility Centre

Killam Memorial Library, rm. G28, main level
6225 University Ave.
tel: 902.494.2836
fax: 902.494.6797

Director, Student Access and Academic Support
Quenta Adams
tel: 902.494.1924

Student Affairs Communications

Killam Library, Room G25, main level

Acting Director, Communications & Assessment

Karen Cairney
tel: 902.494.2284


Student Conduct Office

Student Union Building, rm. 442
6136 University Ave.

Manager, Student Conduct

Lyndsay Anderson
tel: 902.494.4140

Student Health & Wellness Centre

LeMarchant Place, 2nd floor
1246 LeMarchant St.
tel: 902.494.2171
fax: 902.494.6872

Medical director, Student Health and Wellness

Glenn Andrea

Director, Counselling, Student Health and Wellness

David Pilon
tel: 902.494.2081


Acting Director of operations, Student Health and Wellness

Krista Cross

Student Life

Student Union Building, rm. 446
6136 University Ave.

Director, Residence and Student Life

Dean Martin

Studying for Success

Student Union Building rm. 426
6136 University Ave.
tel. 902.494.3077

Coordinator, Studying for Success

Jessica Chubb

Writing Centre

Killam Memorial Library, rm. G28, main level
6225 University Ave.
tel: 902.494.1963

Manager, Writing Centre

Margie Clow-Bohan
tel: 902.494.3379

Writing advisor, Faculty of Agriculture