Faculty Awards Programs

Dalhousie Diversity Faculty Awards

The Dalhousie Diversity Faculty Awards (DDFA) program is a recruitment initiative designed to increase the number of faculty members who come from historically under-represented groups. The program was introduced in 2011 in partnership with the Dalhousie Faculty Association and augmented through collective bargaining. 

To date, Dalhousie has awarded 12 DDFA's as follows:

Jonathan Ferrier Department of Biology 2019
Saurabh Chitnis Department of Chemistry 2018
Leonardo Perez Fountain School of Performing Arts  2018
Miao Zhang Department of Earth Sciences-profile coming soon  2018
Rita Orji Faculty of Computer Science 2017
Eric Oliver Department of Oceanography 2017
Ren Thomas School of Planning 2016
Ajay Parasram Department of International Development Studies 2016
Tamara Franklin Department of Psychology and Neuroscience 2015
Diana Lewis Department Sociology & Social Anthropology 2015
Shauntay Grant Department of English 2015
Hany El Naggar Department of Civil and Resource Engineering 2014
Amy Bombay School of Nursing and Department of Psychiatry 2014

The call for 2018 submissions is now closed. 

To learn more about the DDFA program, please read these guidelines [PDF].

If you have questions about the Dalhousie Diversity Faculty Awards Program, please contact Marlo Shinyei, Academic HR Consultant, marlo.shinyei@dal.ca or 902.494.2965.