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Henry Hicks Academic Administration Building
6299 South Street, Room 108
PO Box 15000
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

Provost and Vice-President Academic 
Dr. Carolyn Watters
Room 108
Ph: 902-494-2586
Fax: 902-4941658
Email: carolyn.watters@dal.ca
Executive Assistant to the Provost and Operations Manager
Jacquelyn Langille
Room 108
Ph: 902-494-2586
Email: jacquelyn.langille@dal.ca
Chief of Staff and Executive Director, Provost Office
Ms. Kim Thomson
Room 228D
Ph: 902-494-2591
Fax: 902-494-7880
Email: kim.thomson@dal.ca
Executive Assistant to the Executive Director/Project Facilitator
Andrea Heyer
Room 228
Ph: 902-494-4318
Email: andrea.heyer@dal.ca
Associate Vice-President Academic 
Dr. Pemberton Cyrus (Acting)
Room 228B
Ph: 902-494-1026
Fax: 902-494-7880
Email: pemberton.cyrus@dal.ca

Executive Assistant to the AVP/Project Facilitator
Andrea Heyer
Room 228
Ph: 902-494-4318
Email: andrea.heyer@dal.ca
Executive Director, Centre for Learning & Teaching 
Mr. Brad Wuertherik 
Killam Memorial Library, Suite G90
Ph: 902-494-1894
Email: brad.wuetherik@dal.ca 
Academic Quality Assurance Manager 
Courtney Sutton
Room 228
Ph: 902-494-7806
Email: courtney.sutton@dal.ca 
Vice-Provost, Planning and Analytics
Ms. Susan M. Spence 
Room 333
Ph: 902-494-2405
Email: susan.spence@dal.ca
Executive Assistant to the VP and Planning Coordinator
Katherine Rudolph
Room 332
Ph: 902-494-2443
Email: katherine.rudolph@dal.ca
Assistant Vice-Provost, Planning and Strategy 
Ms. Leanne French-Munn
Room 322
Ph: 902-494-4215
Email: leanne.french.munn@dal.ca
Acting Executive Director, Dalhousie Analytics 
Mr. Don Fiander
1390 LeMarchant St 
Email: d.fiander@dal.ca
Executive Assistant to the Executive Directors & Planning Coordinator,  Office of Vice Provost Planning & Analytics 
Michele O'Neill 
Room 321
Ph: 902-494-2328
Email: michele.oneill@dal.ca 
Senior Institutional Planner and Project Manager, Office of Vice Provost Planning & Analytics
Jennifer Murray
Room 321
Ph: 902-494-3256
Email: jennifer.murray@dal.ca
Dr. Alain Boutet
Room 228C
Ph: 902-494-6556
Fax: 902-494-7880
Email: alain.boutet@dal.ca

International Partnerships Coordinator
Megan Chipp
Room 228A
Phone: 902-494-4400
Email: megan.chipp@dal.ca



Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Clark
Room 228
Ph: 902-494-4136
Email: elizabethclark@dal.ca