Role of the Chancellor

The Chancellor is the titular head of Dalhousie University, carrying out the ceremonial and official functions of the University. Under the statutes governing Dalhousie University, the Board of Governors has the power to appoint and determine the tenure and duties of the Chancellor. The position is a voluntary one, unremunerated except for expenses.  Serving as Chancellor therefore constitutes significant public service.

Each Chancellor brings his or her special talents and interests to the position, and enters into and enhances the life of the University. That said, the role of the Chancellor generally is to:

  • Preside at convocation ceremonies and confer all degrees and diplomas;
  • Host, attend or preside at other special events of the University;
  • Represent the University in an official capacity at external functions from time to time and advance the University’s mission through their role as an ambassador;
  • Support and promote the mission and values of the University;
  • Promote and further the strategic goals and ambitions of the University;
  • Act in an advisory and supportive role to the president;
  • Provide leadership and advice in fundraising campaigns and in relations with donors.

The Chancellor is an ex officio member of the Board of Governors and serves ex officio on the  Senate Honorary Degrees Committee.