MI (formerly MLIS)

The MI degree is a 20-month course of study for full-time students. A total of 16 half-credit courses (48 credit hours) and the non-credit Practicum are needed to complete the degree

  • Full-time status: a minimum of 3 half-credit courses in a single term is considered full-time status. Typically, full-time MI students take 4 half-credit courses in both the fall and winter terms.
  • Part-time status: less than 3 half-credit courses in a single term is considered part-time status. Students taking the degree part-time have 7 years to complete the degree.

The MI Program is designed for fall admission. Applicants who transfer from another Library & Information Studies (LIS) program, or who possess considerable experience in the field may request consideration for a January admission. See MI Admissions for further details.


The MI Program’s flexibility allows students study full-time or part-time, to do coursework or plan a research path (complete a thesis, explore through a reading course), take electives within SIM or elsewhere.


Faculty maintain generous office hours giving you the opportunity to get to know your professors and, in turn, allow them to get to know you. Each student is assigned an academic advisor to guide you through your studies and toward your career goals. Contact the MI Program Coordinator, Janet Music (jlmusic@dal.ca), for further information. 

Plan of Study

INFO 0590.00 Practicum (required, non-credit)
INFO 5500 Information in Society
INFO 5515 Organization of Information
INFO 5520 Research Methods
INFO 5530 Information Sources, Services & Retrieval
INFO 5570 Organizational Management & Strategy
INFO 5590 Information Management Systems
INFO 6540 Data Management
Advanced technology requirement (choose one of the options below):
INFO 6270 Introduction to Data Science
INFO 6513 Business Analytics & Data Visualization
INFO 6620 Web Design & Architecture
INFO 6681 Geospatial Information Management
INFO 6840 Content Management Systems
Eight MI electives