Graduate Student Services

Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

Jenny Baechler
(902) 494-3321

Online/Blended Program Assistant

Maddy Filipps

Blended Teaching & Learning Coordinators

Morven Fitzgerald (Infomation Management & Public Administration)
(902) 225-1806

Derek Tay (MBA)
(902) 240-1435

Associate Director, Blended Programs


Michelle Hunter
(902) 494-1828

Associate Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Kelsey MacLean

Graduate Programs Recruiter

Katie Beaton
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Recruitment Coordinator, MBA Career Advance Pathway

Anna Jacquart

Graduate Program Staff

MBA Programs

MBA Program Director

Dan Shaw
(902) 494-6146

MBA Program Manager

Heather Swinamer

MBA Program & Admissions Support Specialists

Cassandra Cooper & Sarah Hayes-Brown

Academic Advisor, MBA Career Advance Pathway

Anna Jacquart

MScB Program

MScB Program Director

Hélène Deval
(902) 494-8997

MScB Program Coordinator

Maggie Lapp

Information Programs

Information Programs Director

Sandra Toze

Information Programs Manager

Kim Humes

Program & Admissions Support Specialist (Information Programs)

MPA Programs

MPA Programs Acting Director
Jenny Baechler

MPA Programs Manager

Krista Cullymore
(902) 494 3743

MPA Program & Admissions Support Specialist

Dolene LaPointe
(902) 494 3742