The Faculty of Management has a proud history of providing a world-class management education and preparing graduates to make an impact in the world. We are a hub where students, alumni, professionals and community leaders form and grow partnerships and long-term relationships.

We are a community driven by curiosity, exploration and discovery. What inspires us is creating an environment that offers students, business and public sector partners, alumni and other members of our community opportunities to work, learn and develop the skills to facilitate social and economic good.

Our students come to us to learn how to inspire social and economic action and innovation, bringing fresh perspectives and a global mindset.

Our graduates live ourĀ mission of working with, inspiring and leading others in the business, public and not-for-profit sectors to tackle complex challenges and achieve responsible results.

Our faculty and staff are thought leaders, educators, mentors and advisors who offer students the world-class set of management skills, experiences and supports they need to succeed in an interconnected world.

Our advisory board of experienced professionals works with us to ensure that course material is relevant, practical and connected to industry and community.

Our researchers engage across disciplines and sectors to solve problems and advance change.

We facilitate lifelong learning with undergraduate, direct-entry and mid-career graduate programs and advanced certificates for management professionals. Find out how you can study here and launch or upgrade your career.