Our Strategic Plan

Expanding the experience 2017–2022


Interdisciplinary advancement of management knowledge and practice

With our four schools, the Faculty of Management is unique, different and a force which looks at management through a different lens. Our family of schools and centres has a rich history of working collaboratively that transcends all disciplines. Our strong alumni base has benefited from our expertise in management for more than a century.


Inspiring transformational solutions for society

Our purpose is to change the way we manage for the betterment of society. Inspiring students, staff and Faculty are key to making a difference in the several organizations which constitute the fabric of our economy and society at large. We also want all who interact with our Faculty, whether daily or occasionally, to be respectful of the world we live in.



For the Faculty of Management, transparency and honesty are at the core of our values. Ethical reasoning is always the starting point for everything we stand for and we believe all decisions should be made based on sound moral principles.


We believe in diversity, respect, and compassion towards all. The Faculty of Management strives to create an inclusive, supportive home for all people, regardless of difference.


The Faculty of Management believes in engaging with others to share, learn and grow. Collaborating amongst ourselves and with other partners is key to our growth. We seek to build partnerships by proactively working to find common interests with strategic stakeholders.


Relevance is one the Faculty of Management’s greatest aims for everything it does inside and out of the classroom. Experiential learning, embraced by all in the Faculty of Management, connects us with communities every day. 


The Faculty of Management believes that sustainability is the constant pursuit of one ideal: a perfect human-ecosystem equilibrium. As such, both socio-ecological and economic processes drive our environmental stewardship as a Faculty.

Our strategic goals

Experiential Learning Teaching and Research

A  student on a work term with a medical imaging company points at a white machine while taLking with a co-worker.

From eLearning leadership to research in the area, our Faculty can influence how we teach and learn by eliminating the walls of a classroom.

Internationalization and Global Citizenship

A girl sitting in the forest beside a river  reading.

We can achieve a better understanding of the world and appreciate our role as leading stewards of a tolerant and inclusive society.

Partnerships and Outreach

A bank manager and a student are standing and  discussing with each other in a bank lobby, facing away from the camera.

Innovation and entrepreneurship will be a centrepiece of our strategy. Data science will be elevated as a core competency. 

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