International & Exchange Students

International tuition fees

Students who are not Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents are also required to pay an additional International Tuition Fee. Some programs are exempt, including International and Qualifying Dentistry, Internetworking and incoming Doctorate students. 

The following rates are for 2020-21 for full-time students, while a proportional fee applies to part-time students.  Graduate Students should refer to Section 5.7 of the Graduate Studies Calendar to determine the number of years you are required to pay this additional fee.   

International Tuition Rates - Students Entering Fall 2019 and later

International students beginning a new program of study in September 2019 and later will be assessed the following additional fees:   

Undergraduate $6,538.50 per term
Masters (Non-Thesis based) $13,077.00 per year
Masters (Thesis based) $6,972.00 per year
PhD N/A  

International Tuition Rates - Returning Students

Students who were registered in the 2018-19 academic year and were continuing in 2019-20 are considered returning* and will be eligible for a lower rate until they complete their programs or until Summer 2024.    

Undergraduate  $ 5,044.50 per term
Masters (Non-Thesis based) $10,089.00 per year
Masters (Thesis based) $6,972.00 per year
PhD $9,795.00 per year


*This includes students studying under articulation agreements for 2019-20, pending further review.

Exchange Students

Exchange students approved to participate in the University-Wide Exchange Programs are NOT required to pay undergraduate admission deposits, differential fees or fees related to tuition. Exchange students are responsible to cover costs for a U-Pass (transit pass), health insurance, residence fees and any other additional charges such as lab fees, locker rentals, etc.

Health Insurance Fees and Opt-Out Policy

International and Exchange students are assessed under both the International and Dalhousie Student Union Health Plans.

  • International Health Plan

    Each academic year, all single international and visiting exchange students are automatically enrolled in the International Student Health Insurance Plan, which is exclusively for international students and administered by the Dalhousie Student Union. The cost of this mandatory single plan is included in your student fees.  

    Plans for couples and families are also available. To enroll in these plans, you need to apply in person at DSU Health Plan Office.  

    Opt Out Policy

    Students who have MSI or alternative proof of coverage can opt out of the International Student Health Plan. For further information or rates, please contact the DSU Health Plan Office or visit Student VIP InternationalApply no later than September 18. 2020 11:59pm AST
  • Dalhousie Student Union Health Plan

    All full-time students, including international, are automatically included in the Dalhousie Student Union Health Plan providing benefits at a lower cost compared to traditional group benefit plans.

    Opt Out Policy

    Students with seperate health insurance may apply to opt out of the DSU Health and Dental Plan via Dal Online no later than September 18, 2020 11:59pm AST. For more information, visit the DSU Health Plan website.  


Society Fee

All international students pay $5.00 per term for membership in the Dalhousie International Student Association Society.


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