Student Crisis Prevention and Intervention

Student Crisis Prevention and Intervention

As part of its commitment to supporting student development and providing a safe and secure learning environment, Dalhousie's Agricultural Campus has established a team of staff and faculty to facilitate communication regarding students who may be in crisis and may need additional support and assistance. This team will work with the entire campus to prevent crisis situations and to provide appropriate interventions when needed. The Crisis Team has adopted Terms of Reference that set out the purpose, policies, and membership for the Team.

Past experience at the Agricultural Campus and other institutions shows that there are often multiple apparently minor “red flags” that precede a student crisis. A primary purpose of the Team is providing a venue for sharing information about these “red flags” so that the Team can assess whether a student needs assistance.  All staff, faculty and students are encouraged to share information about incidents involving students that raise concerns with the Crisis Team. You can do this by completing a Student Behaviour Incident Report. The report can be completed by completing a paper form and delivering it to the Associate Dean for Students in the Dairy Building. All reports will be reviewed by the AD for Students, who will involve the Crisis Team members as necessary.

All information submitted will be kept confidential, unless the Crisis Team believes that it is necessary to share information to ensure the safety of the student or others.

If you have any questions about the Crisis Team, please contact:

Keltie Jones, Associate Dean Students