Truro Start Program

Where small classes meet big impact.

Starting your first year in Truro gives you the opportunity to join a small cohort with dedicated resources and support to build a strong foundation in your chosen field before transitioning into your second and final years in Halifax.

Why start here?

You'll benefit from the reputation of a degree at Dalhousie, plus there are many reasons to spend your first year in Truro:

  • Guaranteed a room in residence
  • One-on-one advising to build strategies for success
  • Live in a small, active town with cafes, restaurants, hiking and more
  • Bachelor of Science students (BSc) can join a first-year interest group (FIG) to meet other members of your cohort
  • Smaller class sizes in first-year courses like Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, Statistics, English, Computer Science, Programming, Computer Systems, Psychology, and Sociology.

Programs & Worksheets

These worksheets are intended to help guide first year students in making your first-year course selections.

Bachelor of Science

Majors in: biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, marine biology, microbiology and immunology, neuroscience and psychology, and physics

BSc course planning worksheet [PDF-220KB]

Bachelor of Computer Science

Computer Science course planning worksheet [PDF-287KB]

Bachelor of Applied Computer Science

Applied Computer Science course planning worksheet [PDF-217KB]

Bachelor of Arts

Arts course planning worksheet [PDF-232KB]


How to apply

Interested students can follow these steps to apply:

  • Apply for the program of interest, as noted above
  • Select the Truro campus on your application
  • After acceptance into your program, complete applicant information form
  • The Coordinator will contact you with next steps

For more information on the program and support with your application, contact Ashley Coffin, Program Coordinator.

Residence Guarantee
Fraser House on the Agricultural Campus

You will be guaranteed a room in residence at Dalhousie if you're a new, direct-from-high-school domestic or international student and have a complete application on file by May 1st.

Priority access will be given to students with one or more of the following identities:

  • Indigenous students, especially Mi’kmaq
  • African/Black students, especially Historical African Nova Scotian
  • Students with (dis)abilities or ongoing medical conditions that significantly impact housing needs