Academic Timetable

The academic timetable lists classes offered in a particular term. You will use it to choose classes, create your schedule and determine where your classes are being held and who is teaching them.

You can view the timetable by both term and subject. For example, if you are planning to take an English class in the Fall term, you would select the Fall term from the top of the page, and then select English from the subject listing menu. This will display all of the English classes being offered in the Fall term.

When using the timetable to create your schedule, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • For each class you plan to register for, you need to make note of the Course Reference Number, or CRN. This 5-digit code is what you will use to register for the class.
  • There may be multiple options of times and locations for each class. Each of these sections are listed on a separate line and has its own CRN, so make sure that you've noted the CRN that corresponds with the section that you wish to take.
  • If you see a lab or tutorial listed below the class, colour-coded in blue or green, you must register for this as well. If multiple options are given, you can pick the one that best fits your schedule.
  • Many classes have pre-requisites or restrictions that you should be aware of. Pre-requisites are requirements that must be fulfilled before registering in a specific class. You can find these in the course description by clicking the arrow next to the title of the class. Certain classes may be restricted to or from specific groups of students. These restrictions may be found by clicking the "R" in the "Notes" column of the timetable.
  • Classes with an X or Y in the number (ie. ENGL 1000X) are part of a full-year class, and you must take both the X and the Y part of the class consecutively in order to receive credit for it. If you choose to register in X/Y classes, you must register in the same section for both the X portion and the Y portion.

For more detail on how to read the timetable or create your schedule, contact an advisor.