Undergraduate Programs

Dalhousie's Faculty of Computer Science offers two undergraduate degree programs - Applied Computer Science and Computer Science - that will give you the technical know-how to navigate and succeed in our ever-changing world.

Technology is everywhere, and computer science graduates are needed in every industry. Our goal is to equip you with the deep technical, problem-solving and leadership skills needed to create new computing technologies and to harness software to empower people, organizations and society. 

Combine studies in both technology and business in Dal’s Bachelor Applied Computer Science degree program

Become a designer of new software technologies in Dal’s Bachelor of Computer Science degree program.

We've created a first-year experience that provides all students with a great foundation in computer science and problem-solving. To help you get started as a first year student, we've compiled a list of suggested courses and resources that might help you out.

Throughout the duration of your program, you can follow along with our suggested course schedules or you can tailor your degree experience by choosing from a range of options including co-op, certificates and innovating with emerging tech.

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