Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is available online!

The Learning Centre is available to all Faculty of Computer Science students. Teaching Assistants on staff can help with concepts taught in the core Computer Science classes, and will try to help with the non-core courses. The Centre is located in room 233 (on the second floor) of the Goldberg Computer Science Building and is staffed seven days a week by senior undergraduate and graduate students who are knowledgeable and eager to help. If you're stuck, go in and put your name on the list.

Why we are here and what we do

The Learning Centre is staffed by senior undergraduate and graduate students. While we prefer to help you in-person, you may also e-mail the TAs with your questions at: cslearning@cs.dal.ca. Be sure to include the context, any errors and code the TA may need to answer your question. In-person help receives priority over answering questions received via e-mail.

TA Schedule

For an actively updated schedule, please see the Learning Centre website.