Graduate Programs

Computer science permeates nearly all human endeavours, from business and science to entertainment and medicine. You’ll work alongside award-winning professors whose expertise is extensive and varied in four major areas of research: Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning; Human-Computer Interaction, Visualization & Graphics; Systems, Networks & Security; and Algorithms & Bioinformatics.

Our flexible and multidisciplinary computer science graduate program options allow you to combine your studies in unique ways that meet your academic and personal interests, as well as your future career goals. The Faculty of Computer Science offers two reseach-focused degree programs (Master of Computer Science and PhD in Computer Science), two interdisciplinary programs (Master of Electronic Commerce and Master of Health Informatics), as well as an applied program offering three degree stream options (Master of Applied Computer Science).

No matter where you are in your graduate education, the Faculty of Computer Science has a program that suits your current level of expertise.

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