Founded in 1997, Dalhousie University's Faculty of Computer Science is the premier research institution in Information Technology in Atlantic Canada. Our mission is to develop in our students the deep technical, problem-solving and leadership skills needed to create - or leverage - new computing technologies to empower people, organizations and society.

From oceans to healthcare, information communications technology to aerospace, our students, professors and alumni are using their skills to make an impact.

Academics & Teaching


We are committed to promoting excellence in teaching in every stage of academics. We have flexible and multi-disciplinary computer science undergraduate and graduate program options that allow students to combine their studies in unique ways that meet their academic and personal interests, as well as future career goals.

Faculty & Research


Our award-winning professors work in four major areas of research, cutting across many industries and encompassing nearly all human endeavors.
We are also home to two high-profile initiatives - Institute for Big Data Analytics and DeepSense - as well as our own innovation playground, ShiftKey Labs.


Research clearly indicates that gender, racial and skill diversity simply produces better outcomes - better technology products, services and organizations.

From increasing the number of women in tech to empowering students from different socio-economic backgrounds, our mission is to attract and support the diverse technology talent of tomorrow.