Women in Tech

Who runs the digital world?


Why not you? Your creativity, your problem solving and your perspective could make a big difference as technology continues to change the world. Whether you use your Computer Science degree to influence online commerce or healthcare, social media or ocean data analytics, this is your opportunity to create the future you’d like to see.

Solve problems that matter

Discover Dal’s Applied Computer Science program and how technology impacts on the world. Become a professional who’s also a strong communicator, a problem solver and a team player — exactly what organizations need to achieve more in this competitive world.

Develop in-demand skills

Explore Dal’s Computer Science program and learn how you can develop great programming skills while building expertise in core software design concepts that will ensure you succeed in today’s ever-changing technological landscape.  

Women in Technology Scholarship

The Women in Technology Scholarship offers the possibility of $10,000 over 2 years. But that’s not all. You’ll also receive mentorship from women who are already influencing the world of technology and you’ll benefit from enriched internship opportunities. 

In good company

You’ll find a community of like-minded women who know technology is a great platform for making a difference.

Zaaheda Islam

Currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Computer Science, completing her studies remotely from Bangladesh.

When on campus, Zaaheda is involved in the Women in Technology Society (WITS) — one of the most empowering experiences in her life. “WITS has meant so much to me in terms of feeling included in the male-dominated field of computer science. The society has introduced me to many opportunities for professional development and is often approached by organisations which want to support computer science students,” she attests.

To keep club activities going these days, she meets up with other WITS executive members virtually once a week. Sometimes, she also studies with them on the group-chatting platform Discord. “We chat for a short time and study together, which helps me exchange notes and course-related advice with other students in the faculty. It also makes me feel connected to the Dal community,” Zaaheda says.

Read more about Zaaheda, her work with WiTS, and what it's like to work and learn remotely.


Faye Teeuwen

Faye graduated from the Bachelor of Applied Computer Science program in Fall 2019,

Faye's studies in the Bachelor of Applied Computer Science (BACS) program have not only taken her to Australia, she also chose to do one of her co-op terms in Amsterdam.

“Moving here from England was one of the reasons I wanted to incorporate some international experiences into my degree as I know how exciting it is to move to a new place,” she says. “To everyone I speak to who is contemplating studying or working internationally – yes, yes, yes! It is an amazing experience that allows you to learn about other cultures, try new foods, and make friends from around the world.”'

Faye’s co-op experience has taken her from Dartmouth to the Sobeys head office in New Glasgow to the Netherlands where she worked for game development company IJsfontein during the summer term of 2017.

Read more about Faye, her co-op experience, and her future in Halifax. 


Genny Centeno Metri

Graduated from the Master of Applied Computer Science program in May 2020.

Inspired by her introduction to computer science education, Genny wanted to do something to make a difference and narrow the gender gap in technology. In 2014, she joined the Merida (Mexico) chapter of global non-profit Women Who Code, an organization that inspires women internationally to excel in technology careers. She worked remotely as a director for the chapter throughout her studies at Dalhousie.

“I really want them to know there is a community here and there’s a group of women that have been through the same problems they are going through right now. It’s not the end of the world and we can help them, so they don’t have to let this go, they don’t have to get out of the program.”

Read more about Genny, her volunteer work, and her experience while completing her graduate studies at Dalhousie.

A world of opportunity

Technology is transforming the world. So can you.

This is just a sample of the careers available to you with a Computer Science degree:

  • Project Manager
  • App Developer
  • Business Owner
  • Marketing Technologist
  • Doctor
  • Data Analyst
  • Lawyer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Web Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Digital Health Professional
  • Ocean Data Analyst
  • Teacher
  • Program Manager
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Innovation Consultant
  • Technical Consultant
  • Game Developer

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