Women in Technology Scholarship

Value: Up to $10,000 over 2 years (multiple awards available)
Program: Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Applied Computer Science in the Faculty of Computer Science

Computer science is about technology. More importantly, it’s about people. We need more female talent and perspective in the field, and we invite you to make an impact.

Through collaboration with industry partners, The Women in Technology Scholarship not only offers financial backing, but provides a platform to support the next generation of female tech leaders and champions.

The Scholarship

Successful applicants will receive:

  • $10,000 scholarship ($5,000 entrance scholarship and $5,000 for year two of your studies (dependent on academic performance))
  • Mentorship and guidance from female tech influencers
  • Enriched internship opportunities with our industry partners


The majority of scholarships will be awarded to individuals who:

  • Have an overall average of 70%, please see individual program pages for full admission requirements
  • Have applied for our Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Applied Computer Science program
  • Can demonstrate a passion for technology and contribution towards the community
  • Identify as female

We are committed to raising awareness of gender diversity within computer science and are looking for champions, of all gender identities, to promote women in the field. A number of scholarships will be awarded to applicants of any gender identity who can demonstrate contributions towards increasing and encouraging the involvement of women in computer science.

The scholarship is open to applications from Canadian and international students.

How to apply

To apply for a Women in Technology Entrance Scholarship, you must first be accepted into our Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Applied Computer Science program.

You must then submit a 1-page essay or a 1-3-minute video describing what you’ve done to merit this award.

Examples to demonstrate your passion and contribution might include:

  • Participation in groups working with technology
  • Introducing technology to the community
  • Contribution to community groups and schemes
  • Playing a role in encouraging women to engage with technology
  • Teaching others how to use technology
  • Using social media to promote a cause
  • Participation in Hackathons and technology related events/competitions
  • Blogging

Feel free to compliment your essay or video with links to your projects, competitions, and organizations that you are involved with.

If you are a Techsploration alumna, please clearly indicate your involvement in your essay or video.

Applications are now closed.