Electives give you an opportunity to follow an interest, gain an applicable skill, or simply try out something new. Whatever your motivation, we have a class that can suit your needs.

From basic programming literacy to data analysis to engaging in rich classroom discussions around the impacts computing has on society, you'll find something complimentary to your degree.

Find your fit

CSCI 1105: Introduction to Computer Programming

A general introduction to computer programming for students who have no prior experience in codingLearn more.

This course is avaliable in Halifax and Truro.

CS 1110: Introduction to Computer Science

For students with prior knowledge in programming, this course briefly introduces computer programming, but fundamentally focuses on solving problems through programming. Learn more.

CS 1170: Introduction to Web Design and Development

This course introduces students to key web concepts and skills for designing, implementing, and maintaining web content. Topics include introduction to the Web, UI and UX best practices, client side web programming paradigms such as HTML, cascading style sheets, and dynamic con-tent/interactive website development using JavaScript/jQuery, and web content organization and maintenance.

This course is avaliable in Halifax and Truro. 

CSCI 1503: Programming for Business

This course provides an introduction to computer programming for business. The focus is on using programming skills to solve business problems related to data cleaning, data entry automation and business data processing. This course takes a case-based approach and is designed to prepare students for the Bachelor of Management and Bachelor of Commerce programs. 

CSCI 2201: Introduction to Information Security

This course will teach the basic principles of information security from the perspective of providing security awareness and its best practices for the real world. Information security is becoming increasingly important in today's networked world, and is impacting every aspect of our lives including finance, healthcare, government, education, arts and entertainment. Learn more.

CSCI 2202: Computer Modelling for Scientists

An introductory, project based, programming course that will give students in science exposure to computation tools used in their resepective disciplies. Learn more.

CSCI 2203: Data Science for Everyone

non-technical overview of the world of data science research, focusing on how the analysis of data can be used to tackle complex and fascinating societal questions. Learn more.

CSCI 2204: Social Media and Content Creation for Everyone

This course explores the relationship between social media applications and the user as a content creator, developer and manager. The course explores popular social media applications, their functionality and infrastructure, interface and content design (content creation), search engine optimization and search algorithms (development). Learn more.