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Research, Faculty, HCI, Visualization, Graphics, Women in Tech, Big Data & Machine Learning
New research from Dalhousie is using artificial intelligence to analyze the public emotions expressed through millions of tweets across the globe and identify trends that could make a significant impact in this area.
Research, Faculty, HCI, Visualization, Graphics
With equipment funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Dal's Rita Orji explores the dynamic field of persuasive technology, developing interactive digital systems that motivate healthy behaviours.
Outreach, Undergraduate, Students
A new partnership between Dalhousie and the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) opens doors for high school students from across the province to explore computer science and post-secondary education options.
Research, Bioinformatics & Algorithms, Faculty
Finlay Maguire, an expert in epidemiology and bioinformatics and a postdoctoral fellow in Dal's Faculty of Computer Science, explains how genomic data can be used to help fight against COVID-19.
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