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Students from the Faculty of Computer Science are needed in every industry to navigate through today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities. From creating the next biggest video game to working to help airline mechanics, our students are taught the necessary skills to get involved in an area they are passionate about.

Study, work and play alongside award-winning profs

Be on a first-name basis with your computer science profs, many of whom teach first-year classes. When they’re not teaching, many are conducting life-changing research and, when they’re not in the classroom or the lab, faculty members are participating in various events put on by our societies. 

World-class research

Be part of the premier academic research institution in information technology in Nova Scotia. Dalhouise attracts more than $145 million in research grants and awards each year. Researchers at Dalhousie are nationally and internationally recognized for their exceptional work.

Hands-on experience while earning a pay cheque

Paid work experience is available in both of our undergraduate programs. Past students have had work-term experience within government and industry in Nova Scotia, the Atlantic Region, Canada and US. Our high caliber instruction and innovative curriculum, paired with strong industry partnerships, provides our students with unique opportunities for hands-on, real-world learning.