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Computer science is a field for the curious and it’s at the centre of just about everything we do.

It’s also the key to well-paid, flexible, and fulfilling work opportunities.

Undergraduate Programs
This isn’t just about developers, it’s also for those who want to think critically, get creative, work in teams, and make a difference on the world around them.

• Explore undergraduate programs
Learn about your first year
• Gain hands-on experience through co-op
• Tailor your degree with a certificate option

Explore student life
We take pride in our sense of community:
• Learn about our three student societies
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• Connect with our dedicated advisors

Graduate Programs
Whether you want to start your own business or use technology to positively impact someone else’s, your knowledge and skills will lead to opportunity

• Explore graduate programs
• Prepare for a career in the software industry
• Lead in the age of digital innovation
• Become a well-rounded researcher in CS 




We recognize the digital momentum we already have in Nova Scotia, and now we’re helping to create a movement. We invite everyone to join us in our growing digital economy.
Because Here We Code.