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DeepSense is a unique ocean research partnership between industry, academia and government that enables companies to benefit from technology solutions that solve real-world ocean related data challenges. Headquartered at the Faculty of Computer Science and delivered by partners with a global reputation, DeepSense supports industry in seizing growth opportunities in the global ocean economy.

Big Data web

Institute for Big Data Analytics

The Institute for Big Data Analytics is a first of its kind in Canada. It has a mission create knowledge and expertise in the field of big data analytics by facilitating fundamental, interdisciplinary and collaborative research, advanced applications, advanced training, and partnerships with industry.

ShiftKey background

ShiftKey Labs

ShiftKey Labs is part of the Nova Scotia Sandbox Project, a joint project hosted by Nova Scotia universities and community colleges which focuses on providing support for post-secondary students to develop enthusiasm for and pathways to innovation.  

Shiftkey Labs has well-established programs and a track record of offering effective, engaging programs that bring together multidisciplinary teams to develop ideas and innovative technical solutions to important local and global problems.