Plan your degree

Explore your options

Don't know where to begin? We have suggested course schedules laid out for your first year and beyond and a team of academic advisors ready to help guide you. 

Gain experience while you learn

Enhance your studies with career-focused work experience. Co-op allows you to apply classroom theory, explore career options and build your resume. 

Learn to innovate 

Learn to apply your classroom knowledge in fun and innovating ways using emerging technologies in our innovation playground, ShiftKey Labs. Compliment your classroom skills and gain experience in creative problem-solving, communication, and collaboration.

Add some personality to your degree

Interested in more than one subject, or want to delve deeper into a specific topic? There are many ways for you to customize your degree through certificates and minor options.

Experience life in another country

Gain a different perspective by studying abroad for a term with one of our approved exchange programs

Get an accreditation

Interested in grad school once you're done? The Bachelor of Computer Science Honours programme is a more challenging degree that may be the right fit for you. 

Get a jump-start on your graduate degree

Thinking about doing the Master of Computer Science (MCS) program after you finish your Bachelor of Computer Science? Get started early and finish faster! 



Additional resources for current students

Visit our section for current students for information on suggested courses, degree, checklists, and other resources that might help you along the way with your studies.