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Agricultural Campus services

We support your success

In the university journey, elements like health, career development, housing, finances, athletics, and more, all play crucial roles in fostering an environment that promotes personal growth, learning, and success.

Whether you're looking for opportunities to forge new friendships, motivation to push your boundaries, or valuable study resources, the support you require is readily available

Community members are encouraged to explore our bookstore, use the resources at the MacRae Library, take advantage of our conference services, and participate in on-campus events.

Campus services

Improve your writing skills, get help with understanding your program requirements and be sure you're ready for graduation with our tutoring services, study skills courses, academic advising, orientation, and and a number of services tailored to meet specific academic needs.

The Student Success Centre at Dalhousie's Agricultural Campus is also the centre of expertise for student accessibility and accommodations and can support you in a number of ways. 

Get a nurse's opinion about your cold, take advantage of confidential health counselling or keep your immunizations up to date through our campus Health Services Department. Services also include health education, on-campus physician and crisis prevention. Located in the Dairy Building.

Keep on top of your financial responsibilities by learning more about required fees, tuition, due dates, available funding opportunities and awards, and the importance of budgeting.

Get started on career planning, refine your job search techniques and polish your resume. You'll also have the chance to build leadership skills, enhance your communication and improve your time management.

International students from a number of countries study at the Agricultural Campus each year. Additionally, we are involved in international development projects, we offer courses overseas, and encourage students to participate in exchange programs. Contact the International Office for more information. 

The Student Success Centre provides support and resources for International students. Find information you need to know about visas and permits, housing, life in Truro, and how to be a successful student at Dalhousie! 

The Enrolment Services Centre provides guidance and expert advice from the moment you start to consider Dalhousie University right through to Convocation.

They offer a wide variety of services such as campus tours, admissions, registration support, academic counseling, academic transcripts, student financial accounts, scholarships and bursaries, financial aid and financial counseling, DalCard student-ids and external invigilation.

DalCard is your official student ID card. You can get your DalCard the week before classes begin, if you have registered for your courses. Please stop by the Enrolment Services Centre to pick up your card.

The Enrolment Centre is open Monday to Friday in room 256 of the Cox Institute, with advising offered by appointment only.

The Dal Bookstore on the Agricultural Campus is your first stop for textbooks, course materials and study supplies, you'll also discover a selection of gift items, clothing and more.

Staff, faculty, alumni and members of the surrounding community are always welcome to do a little shopping with us, too. Find us in the Cox Institute.

Open September to April: Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then 2-4 p.m. From May to August, please call ahead for hours: 902-893-6728


Several forms of security are employed on the Agricultural Campus to protect students and the campus community from harassment, mechanical/electrical failure, vandalism and theft. Security officers are employed primarily to protect the farm and other buildings from mechanical/electrical failure and to deter unauthorized persons from entering facilities. Officers also enforce parking on campus.

The Security Office is located on the main floor of the Dairy Building.

Safewalk Service
The Security Officers provide a safewalk service on campus. Any student or staff who requires an officer to walk with them to or from any building on campus, should call 902-893-4190. This service is offered to ensure your safety while travelling within the campus boundaries.

Walking on campus

  • Even in the relatively safe environment of "Small Town Nova Scotia", it is advisable to be "Street Smart" and travel with at least one companion.
  • Criminals look for victims who are not paying attention and lack confidence. If you must travel alone, plan your route to avoid isolated poorly lit or risky areas. Try to avoid night travel. Walk as though you have some place definite to go. Try not to look shy, frightened, uncertain or vulnerable. Continually be aware of your surroundings and possible places to seek assistance should it be necessary.
  • Remember, you can call for an escort if you need one.
  • Remember to survey your home entrance for break-ins before you enter.

Your security starts at your front door

  • Participate in the security of your buildings. Stay alert!
  • Pass along information that may effect others. Get to know the RA's and Security staff and be helpful.
  • Memorize important phone numbers. Report Hazards.

Look after each other

  • Don't invite people into your home, especially if you are alone unless you know them well.
  • Don't leave notes on the door saying that you are away.
  • Report burned out lights that create scary dark areas in residence.
  • Lock your room doors and windows, especially at night when you are sleeping!
  • When you enter your residence, don't let someone else in unless you know they belong in the building.
  • Don't prop open the outside residence doors! By doing this you are risking everyone's safety.
  • Take a personal interest in protecting yourself by closing and locking doors and windows that someone else has irresponsibly left open.
  • Don't leave keys hidden outside. They are too easy to find and use!
  • If you are home, or come home, and discover that a crime has occurred, go to a safe place (friend's room or Residence Don) and call Police and Dalhousie Security. Make sure you provide them with all the information you have, including names of possible witnesses, etc. If you remember something important later, pass it on.
  • Don't go to the basement laundry room alone at night!
  • Mark expensive property you have in your room, or keep a record of serial numbers in case of theft.

Information technology services

ITS provides computing and information technology services to students, faculty and staff with a valid user account. With the privileges come responsibilities to compute responsibly. Members of the Dalhousie University are accountable to the Acceptable Use Policy.

Support for students and staff

Set up email, get help with applications and more

As a Faculty of Agriculture student, your online Dalhousie student profile is now available. Your profile will allow you to register for classes, access student services and create your Dalhousie email account.

Find more information about activating your NetID, enrolling for multi-factor authentication, getting wi-fi access, and much more through ITS.

Software applications are available for download by students on the Agricultural Campus.

Based on your affiliation with Dalhousie University various software applications will be available for download. Please visit the Software Download area for a full list. You will need to activate your NetID beforehand.


Help desk

Report any problems or concerns about software, equipment or facilities to our staff. An immediate response is provided by contacting the Student Helpdesk iin person or by calling.


  • Cox Institute, Room 174
  • Common area, MacRae Library

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm

Computer labs

Open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm in the fall and winter.

8:30am to 4:30pm in the summer.


  • Banting Building room 33
  • Haley Institute room 228
  • Cox Institute rooms 180 and 121
  • Collins Building room 105

The MacRae Library computer lab is open longer hours, check for hours on the Dal Libraries website.