New Students & Employees

Welcome to Dalhousie!


ITS is happy to support your technology needs during your time at Dalhousie.


Follow these steps to set up your Dalhousie account, and then use your account to access valuable tools and get more information on our services.

Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility

Log in to our myDal site for more information on how to ensure:

Contact us if you have any questions about cybersecurity.

Setting up your Dalhousie account

As a new student, faculty, or staff member, you will receive an account to access Dalhousie services, including email and software downloads.  

Get your Dalhousie ID

Once you are accepted to Dalhousie or your employment is confirmed, you will receive your Dalhousie ID, also called your Banner number. If you did not receive a Banner number in your acceptance or confirmation letter, please email:

Activate your NetID (username)

Once you get your Dalhousie ID, you will use it to activate your NetID. Your NetID is the unique username you will use to log in to Dalhousie systems.

Enroll for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is required for all Dal accounts. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security authentication method that requires you to provide 2 or more pieces of evidence (or factors) to a login. 

Set up or change your password

You should be prompted to set up your initial password during the NetID activation process. You can also reset or change your password at any time. We recommend you also register a password reset email address. This address should be something other than your address, so we can contact you when you need to reset your password if you forget it or it expires.

Read IT-related policies

Be sure to read Dalhousie's IT-related policies on acceptable use of IT resources to ensure you are following the correct guidelines and processes. 


Using your Dalhousie account

Once your Dalhousie account is set up, you can start accessing our free services to help you get connected, stay informed, and work efficiently.

This information is found on myDal, which is our internal website system where you can access valuable links and resources for Dalhousie services.

Note: You will need to log in to myDal with your activated Dalhousie account (username/NetID and password) to access the links below.

Contact us if you have any issues activating your account.

Set up WiFi on your computer or mobile device

Your Dalhousie account gives you access to our secure campus WiFi network. Set up your computer or mobile device so you can stay connected anywhere on campus.

Access your Dalhousie email account

Your email is your official means of communication for Dalhousie academic and administrative purposes. This is the only email account that will be used for communicating with you regarding all academic and administrative matters, so any redirection of email will be at your own risk.

Dalhousie uses the Microsoft 365 suite of tools, which means you can access your email (plus many other tools) from any device connected to the internet.

Computer labs and software access

We provide access to various software programs via the following:

Virtual Lab (VLab): Log in to an online location and access software without needing to purchase an additional license or install that software on your computer

Physical Labs: Access software in a physical computer lab location on Dal's campuses

Download: Free access to several software programs that you can use for your assignments, projects, and general work

Additional software

Microsoft Office 365

In addition to email, the Microsoft 365 suite also includes tools for calendaring, storage, chat, and document creation/editing. As part of your user license with Dalhousie, you can use the web versions of many of these programs, or you can download and install the programs on up to 5 computers and up to 2 mobile devices (Android or iOS).


You can use Virtual Private Network (VPN) client software to connect to the Dalhousie network when you are off campus. You will only need VPN access if the Dalhousie system you are connecting to requires network connection. You will not need VPN to access any Microsoft 365 programs.


Make sure that your computer is protected by installing an antivirus software application and keeping it up-to-date. 


LastPass is a secure password manager that remembers your passwords and logs you in to your online accounts as you work. 

Review security best practices

Stay informed on security best practices for your account, your devices, and the Dalhousie data and resources that you use. You can contact us if you have any security-related questions.


Getting more information on our services

Our myDal site contains more information on additional IT services for Dalhousie students, faculty, and staff members.