Campus Visitors

Welcome to Dalhousie University! During your visit, we can provide you with services to keep you connected and support your technology needs.

Dalhousie's WiFi network

Dalhousie offers 2 wireless network access options to campus visitors:


If you are visiting Dalhousie from another eduroam-affiliated institution, you can use your own home institution’s wireless credentials to access Dalhousie’s eduroam wireless network.

  • Set up eduroam at your home institution first to confirm it works.
  • Contact your home institution for any help or support for setting up or accessing eduroam (no matter what institution you are visiting).
  • There is no guarantee that eduroam will provide the same access to resources as your home or other visited institution's wireless networks.

Guest accounts

Dalhousie employees can create temporary guest accounts for visitors. If you are being hosted on campus by a Dalhousie employee and you require wireless access during your stay, you can request they create a guest account. They can then provide you with a username and password to connect to the eduroam wireless network.

Dalhousie employees can create temporary guest accounts to give your visitors usernames and passwords to access the eduroam WiFi network. 

Audio-visual support (conferences/events)

If you are planning a conference or event on one of our campuses, we can provide equipment and technical support for your audio and visual needs. Contact Event and Conference Services to find out more information. 

IT-related policies

If you use any Dalhousie information technology resources, including WiFi or audio-visual equipment, you are responsible for reading and adhering to the following policies: 

Get help

Contact us for any IT-related questions you have during your visit to Dalhousie.