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Being in University isn't just about making good grades, it's about learning the life skills that will help you achieve all of the goals you have set for yourself!

Are you doing well and want to do better or are you having academic difficulty? Are you looking for co-curricular activities that will help you balance your academic priorities or to meet new people?

The Student Success Coordinator helps students reach their potential during their time at Dalhousie University through a variety of programs and events. The Student Success Coordinator works under the theoretical practice of Appreciative Advising and is a certified Appreciative Advisor. Based on the organizational development theory of Appreciative Inquiry, and the positive psychology literature, Appreciative Advising is a framework aimed at increasing student success.

Contact Monica:

Phone: (902) 896-4479

A few reasons to recommend a visit to the Student Success Coordinator

  • Student is attending class regularly but shares that they are missing important information
  • Student confides that they feel like they don't have enough time to get everything done
  • Student identifies that they need help learning how to bring together key concepts in lectures, labs and textbooks
  • Student is consistently missing class, labs, assignments
  • Student wants help in learning how to be fully prepared to write a tests and exams
  • Student shares that they feel that they could do better but lack focus and attention
  • Students who may have experienced some academic failure and need help working through an academic plan to get back on track.
  • Your student has expressed the desire to get to know others on campus and participate in activities but does not know how to find the right fit for them
  • Your student is seeking additional resources but does not know where to go

What happens during the appointment with the Student Success Coordinator?

  • The Student Success Coordinator will listen to the student to help direct the conversation in order to identify needs and concerns. Students will be guided through the theoretical practice of Appreciative Advising by being asked positive, open-ended questions that will help them optimize their educational experiences and achieve success.
  • 1:1 coaching sessions focus on academic skill-building. A variety of assessment tools will be used to gauge academic skill, motivation and discipline.  LASSI, GRIT, Student Engagement Inventory and VIA, are all examples of tools that are used to help identify strengths, natural talent and areas for development with regard to academic success.
  • Students will be asked to set short and long term goals in order to evaluate new strategies and to continue working towards finding the “recipe” that works for them.
  • Creating an Academic Plan with the Student Success Coordinator is a collaborative approach that helps students to explore services on campus and establish solid relationships with faculty and staff.
  • The Student Success Coordinator may help students recognize that they need additional campus supports or services, such as Career, Health, Leadership, Athletic, DASA, etc and will assist in making the appropriate introductions.

Study Skills

Students benefit from attending formal training in study skills and can meet with the Student Success Coordinator privately or within a group.  Study Skills Workshops are offered regularly throughout the semester and are advertised in the Golden Ram, on the Student Services Facebook page, on Axis TV, in Residence, Jenkins, Langille Athletics Centre and through DASA. Students are invited to make appointments with the Student Success Coordinator for 1:1 coaching.

Study Skills Workshops

  • Creating a Personal Academic Plan
  • Connecting to Campus Supports
  • Setting Goals and Measuring Outcomes
  • Effective Reading Strategies
  • Short Answer & Essay Exams: Avoiding the Blank Page
  • Note-taking & Listening Techniques
  • Strategies for various testing formats (paragraph, multiple choice and fill in the blank)
  • Presentation & Public Speaking
  • Working in a Group: Getting Started/Moving Forward/Being a Leader
  • Managing Time & Avoiding Procrastination
  • Get Focused: Concentration & Memorization
  • Making Career Connections
  • Healthy Living on Campus

Study Skills 1:1 Coaching

  • Create an Academic Plan by making meaningful connections between goals and academic work
  • Explore academic success by focusing on strengths and developing critical learning skills
  • Mature academically and apply effective learning strategies to course work
  • Learn how to appropriately access and use campus supports and services
  • Makes a connection with a Peer Mentor if requested

Contact  or 902-893-6672


If students expresses that they need assistance in understanding specific course content and assignments, or preparing for tests and exams, the Student Success Coordinator can help them to connect with a tutor.  Tutors are interviewed and trained by Student Services, Faculty of Agriculture.  Only students who are recommended by faculty are approved and endorsed by Student Services. All tutoring agreements remain confidential

How does a student access tutoring at Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture?

1.    Go to Student Services in the Dairy Building, upper level to begin the process.
2.    Complete the Tutee Request Form [PDF] (recommendation by faculty is required) – Provided by Student Services

If you would like to be a Tutor, please download the application here. [PDF]

After the 1:1 study skills assessment

1.    Tutors are contacted by the Student Success Coordinator and are matched to Tutees.
2.    Tutors and Tutees are required to meet with the Student Success Coordinator prior to their first tutoring session. At this time, the Confidentiality Agreement Form is signed and a tutoring schedule is agreed upon. (Students with Academic Accommodations are encouraged to share their specific needs with their tutor).
3.    Tutees are required to pay fees directly to their tutor in advance of tutoring appointments. (Student with Academic Accommodations are required to meet with both the Academic Accommodations and Student Success Coordinators prior to receiving tutoring).
4.    Regular correspondence with the Student Success Coordinator is required to help navigate problems and maintain positive outcomes.
5.    Once the semester is complete, a short, confidential exit interview with the Tutor and Tutee is conducted by the Student Success Coordinator to ensure all needs were met.

Contact or 902-893-6672

**NS Students with academic accommodations may be eligible for disability-related funding for tutors.  To qualify, a student must be approved for a minimum of $1.00 of student loan and then complete the necessary government-issued paperwork.  This paperwork is specific to your home province.  For additional information, please contact the Coordinator of Academic Accommodations at

Academic Renewal Program

The Academic Renewal Program is a high impact initiative that helps students who are academically dismissed return early to their studies and return to academic probation/good standing. 

Why do we offer the Academic Renewal Program at Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture?

  • Recognizing a need to formally reach out to students who are facing complex challenges that impede success.
  • Retention/Attrition issues facing a small specialized campus.
  • Addressing the research that shows that intentional advising programs work.
  • Need to further connect services and resources to students who need them, such as peer tutoring, academic accommodations, health services, career services etc.
  • To connect students to faculty in a collaborative effort.
  • To guide students through an intentional process of self-development competencies and mature in academia.

How does the Academic Renewal Program Work?

  • Students formally apply to return early to studies through the Dean’s Office
  • The Assistant Dean of Students informs the Student Success Coordinator that an application is in progress
  • The student contacts the Student Success Coordinator to set a meeting time
  • Once the first meeting has concluded, a recommendation to proceed is sent to the Assistant Dean of Students by the Student Success Coordinator.
  • 5 mandatory meetings with Student Success Coordinator are scheduled
  • Each meeting is scheduled to review progress on the Academic Plan that the student has created.
  • Students are responsible for working on their Academic Plan between meetings and to complete tasks related to improving their academic success. These tasks include working with Academic Advisors, Health, Career and Accommodation services if necessary.
  • After the second meeting, a progress report is sent to Assistant Dean of Students and Students will be moved from Academic Dismissed to Academic Probation – Permission to Register.
  • Final report to Assistant Dean of Students is sent after 5 meetings, with recommendations moving forward for the student.

Tools of Academic Renewal Program

Initial Discovery Meeting – to establish trust and understanding of roles and commitment to the ARP

Disclosure – formal agreements (Participation Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, Your Academic Plan Agreement)

Record Keeping, Process and Procedure
The Workbook
LASSI (Learning and Study Strategies Inventory) Pre and Post survey
Student Engagement Inventory (Appreciative Advising)
GRIT Scale
VARK (Visual, Aural/Auditory, Read/Write, Kinesthetic)
Correspondence with Academic Advisors and other campus supports.
Regular Contact during the academic year
End of Semester Meetings – recap of goals, register and plan for next semester
Additional Resources – as needed (specific to student needs)

Contact or 902-893-6672

Student Leadership and Peer Education Programming

Student Leaders and Peer Education Coordinators and volunteers work collaboratively to provide opportunities for student engagement, development and wellbeing.

The Student Advancement in Leadership Program (SAIL), is a non-academic opportunity focused on engaging students to be active participants in their own leadership development. 

By working with professionals, student participating in SAIL develop skills in areas such as career exploration, personal growth, communication and leadership development.

Students are required to identify and engage in volunteer opportunities, attend professional development seminars, participate in international and cultural events and learn the process of program development.

Programming is offered in modules and students participate in SAIL for up to two academic years.  There are over 30 seminars that are programmed for SAIL, including guest speakers and conference opportunities.  SAIL participants are required to complete 30 hours of volunteer work, focusing on a variety of experiences on and off of campus. A certificate will be presented to students who complete SAIL and a banquet is held to celebrate student leaders. 

All SAIL activities can be recorded on Dalhousie University Co-Curricular Record.

Classroom Visits

The Student Success Coordinator will visit classes upon request to address general issues that might be identified by the instructor.  Often, instructors will ask the Student Success Coordinator to speak to the class about support services, study tips, preparing for tests and exams and about creating Academic Plans.

Instructors have requested a visit from the Student Success Coordinator to address particular issues in the classroom such as preparing for group work, bullying, stress, accessing health services, time management and organization, for examples.

Don’t Cancel That Class[HD1]  is another resource to faculty through the Student Success Coordinator.  If you are unable to make it to your class, don’t cancel- call or email the Student Success Coordinator to come in to meet with your students during the scheduled class time regarding any of the Study Skills workshops listed or regarding a particular subject that you think would benefit the class. 

Instructors can contact the Student Success Coordinator directly at