Changes to Student Success Centre Services

Most Student Success staff will be moving to working remotely as of Monday March 23, 2020. Working remotely means staff can be contacted via email or telephone to have questions answered or to set up a remote meeting via telephone, Microsoft Teams or another mutually agreed upon means of meeting remotely. 

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Pjila'si & Welcome


   My name is Keah Gloade, and I am the Manager of Indigenous Students on Dalhousie's Agricultural Campus in Truro, Nova Scotia.

I want to support your academic journey every step of the way. Dalhousie's Faculty of Agriculture in Truro offers the Indigenous Student Access Pathway (ISAP), which is a valuable step toward your university degree.

If you would like to know more about ISAP, please reach out to me directly at I can also be reached in my office at 902-896-4486 or on my cell at 902-956-9270.    

Financial Help


Indspire, an Indigenous-led registered charity that invests in the education of Indigenous people, also offers bursaries and scholarships. For a complete listing of scholarships and bursaries, please contact the Indigenous Student Advisor or visit Money Matters.

Academic Support


We want to support your academic journey every step of the way. Dalhousie has lots of academic support programs and services available, some of which are available exclusively to Indigenous students.

Traditional Smudging


The Student Learning Commons is proud to offer traditional smudging. The building includes the CIBC Multicultural Centre, which is equipped with the appropriate ventilation and sage bundles for students and elders to use our smudging facilities. 


The Indigenous Student Space is a new space in 387 Cox Institute with a permanent exhaust exchange system making smudging effortless and easy to do between classes. Stop by for a place to hang out, study or meet new friends.

Visit Us


Visit us and get to know our beautiful campus. Keah Gloade, Manager of Indigenous Students, is located in the Dairy Building, 11 Sipu Awti Road. Reach out to Keah to arrange a meeting or simply drop in—someone will be here to assist you.