Learn to Lead

Leadership Program

The Learn to Lead program is a non-academic opportunity focused on engaging students to be active participants in their own leadership development during their time at Dal AC and beyond. 

By working with their peers, students volunteer opportunities, attend leadership development seminars, participate and plan campus events, and build project management skills.

Program Overview

Students are required to:

  • participate in leadership seminars held twice a month during the fall and winter term,
  • complete 12 volunteer hours or attend group volunteer activities during the academic year, and
  • support the planning of a campus of community event.

Seminar topics will include fundamentals of leadership, teambuilding, being an effective group member, project management, equity, diversity and inclusion and advocacy. 

Time commitment

Within an academic year, Learn to Lead participants are required to attend all seminar sessions, a commitment of 6 hours a term.

If a participant misses a scheduled seminar, they are required to connect with Student Success and Engagement Advisor, Gillian Hatch to review the material discussed. 

Learn to Lead participants will also need to complete 12 hours of volunteering between September and February, all components must be complete prior to the banquet in March. 

Recognition and opportunities from participating

In addition to the skills participants will gain through active participation in Learn to Lead, each student who successfully completes the program will receive:

  • a Student Leadership Notification of Completion,
  • recognition of Learn to Lead on their Co-Curricular Record (CCR),
  • the opportunity to put skills learned into action when planning campus events, and
  • recognition at the Excellence in Student Leadership Award Banquet in March

Excellence in Student Leadership Awards Banquet

A banquet will be held each year in March. Participants will be asked to assist in planning and hosting the event. Those who complete the program will receive their Notification of Completion.

The banquet also celebrates those in the campus community who are recognized for their leadership roles through award presentations. 

Volunteer opportunities

A list of volunteer activities for students will be made available during the fall term. Students are also encouraged to find their own opportunities or participate in planned group volunteer activities.

Students may choose to participate this these set activities or complete their volunteer work independently. Group volunteer activities may include:

  • Trick or Eat,
  • Truro Farmer's Market,
  • and other community event support.

If your independent volunteer opportunities involve working with children or animals, you may be required to provide a criminal record check or attend an animal handling session.


What are the advantages of being in the program?

This program provides students with an opportunity to build effective communication skills, develop their leadership potential and grow their understanding of advocacy by getting involved in the community. There is opportunity to parallel this program with your current involvement on and off campus.

How many hours a week do I need to commit to the program?

You are required to complete specific tasks to finish the program. Seminars will be offered during the fall and winter term. Meetings will be held each term, and most meetings will be 1.5 hours in length. Sessions are held on Tuesdays evenings (4–6pm).

Opportunities to support additional Student Success programming will be available to students who are interested in further on-campus involvment. 

Is there a cost for the program?

There is NO cost for you to participate in this program. It is FREE!

How are the meetings/events communicated to the group?

The meetings, sessions, and events will be set at the start of term but reminders and updates will be shared on Instagram and through the DalMobile App.