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Accommodations may be implemented in order to reduce or remove barriers faced by students as a result of a disability, religious obligation and/or other protected characteristics under human rights legislation.

Accommodations may be applied to your learning and evaluation in an academic program or particular course, and/or, to university activities and services.

Applying for accommodation

You are required to make an accommodation request prior to the start of the term or as soon as a barrier is identified. Retroactive accommodation is rare.

Step 1: Complete and submit a Request for Accommodation [PDF] and include supporting documentation. Scan and submit electronically or drop it off at the Student Success Centre.

Step 2: Meet with the Coordinator of Access Supports to review your request.

Step 3: The Coordinator of Access Supports will confirm your accommodation(s) and notify you, your instructors and others if required (e.g. residence).

Reminder: Accommodations are not renewed automatically. You must complete the Student Request form for every academic year you would like your accommodation plan implemented. If you are requesting changes to your accommodation plan, you will need to submit new documentation for review.

Re-Assessment: The Coordinator of Academic Accommodations may review your accommodation plan based upon your progress; you may also request a review based on your progress and/or if your circumstance changes.

Documents needed to apply for accommodation

If you have a physical or mental health (dis)ability, you need the following two documents:

Student Request for Accommodation Form [PDF 308KB]: This includes your personal statement regarding your (dis)ability as well as the barriers to learning encountered as a result of your (dis)ability

Medical Assessment Form [PDF 445KB]: This includes information about your (dis)ability from the psychologist or physician responsible for your diagnosis and/or follow-up

The forms are available from the Student Success Centre (Dairy Building). If you need assistance completing this paperwork, please schedule an appointment with the Coordinator of Access Supports (

If you have a learning (dis)ability, you need the following documentation:

A copy of a current (within the past five years) psycho-educational assessment completed by a registered psychologist

Any additional documentation related to your learning (such as from high school) is also beneficial, but considered supplemental

To apply for academic accommodation for a protected characteristic other than (dis)ability (such as religious obligation or family status), please contact the Coordinator of Access Supports directly.

How accommodation decisions are made and communicated

After your documents are received at the Student Success Centre, the Coordinator of Access Supports will contact you to schedule an appointment.

An accommodation plan will be developed that considers the different learning environments at university and the learning outcomes of specific courses/programs. The plan will be based in part on the documents provided in the application process.

You and your professors will receive a Letter of Notification by email, containing details of the accommodation plan.

Although not required, you may then meet with your instructor about your accommodation plan. They have specialized knowledge about the courses they teach as well as the workload flow during the semester, and can help ensure that certain challenges are avoided.