Changes to Student Success Centre Services

Most Student Success staff will be moving to working remotely as of Monday March 23, 2020. Working remotely means staff can be contacted via email or telephone to have questions answered or to set up a remote meeting via telephone, Microsoft Teams or another mutually agreed upon means of meeting remotely. 

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Accommodation reduces or removes barriers to your learning to ensure fair and equitable access to your classroom, testing or co-op/fieldwork environments.

Accommodation is introduced when a protected characteristic (as defined by provincial human rights legislation) may place you at a disadvantage compared to other students who are not affected by a protected characteristic: e.g. (dis)ability. Accommodation does not provide an unfair advantage over other students as you are still expected to demonstrate that you’ve met the learning outcomes for the course. 

Meet with us if you have experienced or anticipate barriers in your learning, living, or co-op/fieldwork environments.

Types of accommodations

Accommodation recognizes difference. Some types of accommodation are:

Other accommodations may be considered and implemented on a case-by-case basis.