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Changes to Student Success Centre Services

Most Student Success staff will be moving to working remotely as of Monday March 23, 2020. Working remotely means staff can be contacted via email or telephone to have questions answered or to set up a remote meeting via telephone, Microsoft Teams or another mutually agreed upon means of meeting remotely. 

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Improve your study skills by working with our Student Success Coordinator and Peer Mentors. They can help you with:

  • creating a personal academic plan by focusing on your strengths and developing critical learning skills
  • connecting you to campus supports
  • setting goals and measuring outcomes
  • effective reading strategies
  • exam preparation
  • note-taking and listening techniques
  • presentations & public speaking
  • working in groups
  • managing time and avoiding procrastination
  • concentration and memorization
  • making career connections
  • your wellness

Study Skills Coaching is offered regularly throughout the academic year. You can make an appointment with the Student Success Coordinator or drop by the Student Learning Commons to meet with the Peer Educators. Drop-in dates, times and topics will be posted each week.




If a student expresses that they need assistance in understanding specific course content and assignments, or preparing for tests and exams, the Student Success Coordinator can help connect them with a tutor.  Tutors are interviewed and trained by Student Success, Faculty of Agriculture.  Only students who are recommended by faculty are approved and endorsed by Student Success. All tutoring agreements remain confidential.

How to access tutoring

In person:
  1. Go to Student Services in the Dairy Building, upper level to begin the process.
  2. Complete the Tutee Request Form [PDF] (recommendation by faculty is required) – Provided by Student Services

Online form submission is not available at this time


  1. Complete the online Tuttee Request Form

If you would like to be a Tutor, please download the application here [PDF] or complete the online Tutor Application Form.

After the 1:1 study skills assessment

  1. Tutors are contacted by the Student Success Coordinator and are matched to Tutees.

  2. Tutors and Tutees are required to meet with the Student Success Coordinator prior to their first tutoring session. At this time, the Confidentiality Agreement Form is signed and a tutoring schedule is agreed upon. (Students with Academic Accommodations are encouraged to share their specific needs with their tutor).

  3. Tutees are required to pay fees directly to their tutor in advance of tutoring appointments. (Student with Academic Accommodations are required to meet with both the Academic Accommodations and Student Success Coordinators prior to receiving tutoring).

  4. Regular correspondence with the Student Success Coordinator is required to help navigate problems and maintain positive outcomes.

  5. Once the semester is complete, a short, confidential exit interview with the Tutor and Tutee is conducted by the Student Success Coordinator to ensure all needs were met.

**NS Students with academic accommodations may be eligible for disability-related funding for tutors.  To qualify, a student must be approved for a minimum of $1.00 of student loan and then complete the necessary government-issued paperwork.  This paperwork is specific to your home province.  For additional information, please contact the Coordinator of Academic Accommodations at

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